“Storm on Jupiter” by Regina van der Poel

Nasa reports that two of the biggest storms of the solar system are getting ready to converge as they pass by each other. Scientists speculate that these storms will affect each other to the point where the atmosphere on Jupiter could be changed. Storms are always present on Jupiter, but the convergence of these two major storms is evidently a major astronomical event.

Astrologers tend to look for synchronicity everywhere, but it’s a strange coincidence that the convergence of these storms syncronistically ties in with the second square of this year’s Jupiter/Saturn square cycle that is creating an adjustment in the way we think about limits (Saturn) and possibilities (Jupiter), governments (Saturn) and belief (Jupiter). Jupiter will also be exactly square Chiron at this time (see articles below), expanding (Jupiter) the sense of pain that we feel when our purpose is not aligned with our identification of that which is true. It appears that symbolically, Jupiter is making itself known and taking center stage in the solar system right now as the planetary storms coincide with the philosophical storms that are taking place here on Earth.

Astrologically, Jupiter represents our innate sense of faith and our search for meaning in life, as well as the way in which we pursue that search (hence the association with religion and philosophy). There is quite a behemoth of a storm going on right here on Earth regarding religion, philosophy and the meaning of life, and it will be interesting to see whether the Jupiterian storms have any noticeable effect on the unfolding evolution of human belief.

(Thanks to Astrococktail for the link to the NASA article.)

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