Sorry y’all – when I returned I was obsessed with this mall shooting and didn’t catch up on where the planets were.

Those of you who subscribe to Skywatch have already had this information, but for newbies and visitors here’s the excerpt from the December Skywatch on the New Moon and this week’s events including the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction:

The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on December 9 at 12:41 pm EST. We now have five planets in Sagittarius (Mercury, the Sun/Moon conjunction, and the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. Sagittarius brings optimism and an expanded sense of possibility, but also a tendency towards recklessness and superficial. I believe that this combination will bring the last hurrah of the financial markets before the cold winter of the Capricorn and Virgo influence sets in next year.

The New Moon begins a new cycle each month, starting things afresh in a different segment of the zodiac. We have the opportunity now to make a fresh start in our search for Truth as we explore new realms of ideas and philosophies. Sagittarius instills an innate curiosity about other cultures and religious ideas, although there is a tendency towards judgement and self-righteousness under the rulership of Jupiter, King of the Gods. This will be particularly now that Jupiter is two days away from a conjunction with Pluto which adds a compulsive and rigid quality to the need for an understanding of The Truth.

This New Moon makes a square to Uranus (rebellion against the status quo) and a sextile to Neptune (the world of Spirit), indicating that the focus for this lunation is a radical departure (Uranus) from the established religious orders and into a true experience of the divine (Neptune). This is enhanced by the approaching square from Mercury (thoughts and ideas) to Uranus that is exact the following day.

You can see where a conflict occurs here between the rigid fundamentalism of Jupiter/Pluto and the breaking free that takes place at the New Moon with the square to Uranus. This could result in warfare on a global level or it could manifest in an exciting new openness between humans and civilizations. On a personal level it could mean the breakdown of our established internal theologies, or a breakthrough into a new level of awareness. The choice, as always, belongs to us.

The exact conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto takes place in the last degrees of Sagittarius on December 11. This conjunction has been approaching for several weeks and we may be able to sense the intensity building as belief systems (Jupiter) become more rigid and prone to power struggles (Pluto). This will be particularly true as Mars opposes Jupiter at the end of the month and heads towards the second phase of the opposition to Pluto (for more information see this article on the Mars/Pluto opposition cycle).

The next few days offer a welcome respite as lovely Venus (peace and harmony) makes a trine to Mars (energy and inspiration), smoothing out any rough edges. She also makes a sextile to Saturn (discipline and responsibility) which extends the effect of the Mars/Saturn combination as well. This helps us to focus the energy that is available after the powerful New Moon event in a practical way.

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