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The best thing that can be said about the upcoming conjunction of Saturn to Pluto is that the exact alignment only occurs one time.  Saturn is a personal planet and operates in the personal realm, challenging us to face our responsibilities and work diligently towards our goals and often testing us in various ways to increase our emotional and physical endurance.  Pluto is a transpersonal planet; its influence can be more ruthless in its pressure to create and support personal transformation.  Saturn makes things hard, Pluto can break us or make us.  When the two planets come together in a conjunction, every 32-40 years or so, there is a realignment in the very fabric of reality as Pluto destroys and rebuilds the structures for which Saturn is typically responsible.  This particular conjunction is in the sign of Capricorn, Saturn’s own sign and the sign which energizes the building of strong foundations to foster material success.

Income Gains Widely Shared in Early Postwar Decades - But Not Since Then Saturn and Pluto last came together in a conjunction in 1982 in the sign of Libra. Libra is commonly considered the sign concerned with relationship, and that is true, but it is ruled by Venus and Venus is associated with wealth and money, as well as luxury and comfort.  This conjunction of Saturn to Pluto marked the beginning of the vast increase in the wealth of the top 5%, resulting in the concentration of wealth that we see today.

Saturn and Pluto last conjoined at 4 degrees Capricorn in 1518, so you can see that this is not a common occurrence.  Pluto had just finished its travel through Sagittarius (since 1502), disrupting religious practice and overseeing the beginning of expansion of European empires into the New World.  Martin Luther has just published his treatise against the Capricornian Catholic Church and under the Saturn/Pluto conjunction continues to defy the church which results in the Reformation and complete transformation of the religious landscape in Europe.

Back in March of 2019 through that summer the two planets came within a few degrees of each other, and for much of that time they were linked by the South Node of past accountability (.  These are some of the events that correlated with that period:

  • Notre Dame de Paris, the iconic symbol of the Roman church, experienced a fire that now threatens its very existence.
  • It was announced in May that over a million species are now threatened with extinction and that the decline of the natural living world is unprecedented and caused by human activity.
  • UK Prime Minister Theresa May resigned in June, and chaos ensued over Brexit.
  • July was reported to be the hottest month ever recorded.
  • Protests erupted in Hong Kong in June and since then have become darker and more desperate.
  • Boris Johnson.
  • Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and allegedly killed himself in prison. It could be argued that there was no day reckoning for his victims.
  • In August, two mass shootings in the US killed 47 people and injured scores of others.
  • The crimes of Jerry Falwell Jr. were exposed.

So.. the conjunction of Saturn to Pluto on January 12th is the final phase of this planetary cycle but events that occur now will likely have repercussions for centuries to come.  In light of this week’s assassination by the US of an official in the Iranian government, it’s possible that the entire landscape of the US presence in the middle east could be significantly altered.   I’ll be talking about the fact that the new planet Eris, planet of discord and chaos, is in a nearly exact square formation (90 degrees) to Saturn and Pluto.

Other significant events this week which will amplify the effect of Saturn and Pluto include the fact that Uranus, planet of disruption, is stationary in the sky and will change direction (turn direct) on January 10th.   Geeky astrological details: On that same day, we have an eclipse of the Moon within a few degrees of this conjunction of Saturn and Pluto.  It’s not a total eclipse, but there is a big lineup of Capricorn planets that all link each other to the eclipse, AND to the conjunction.  

So what does this mean for us, and what should we do?   As I said in my newsletter, this is a time to watch and wait.  We can’t make specific predictions of what could happen, but this is not a good time for risky behavior or impulsive actions.  I expect there to be a financial contraction, and that could last for some time since a correction is long overdue.  I also recommend that this week we take some time, especially between January 9-12th, to evaluate the state of our life and see whether we have built a strong foundation.  Have we accrued too much debt?  Have we trusted too much in a fantasy that may never come to fruition?  If so, this might be a good time to make some changes to ensure that our lives are constructed on a solid foundation so that in the event of a major storm, you will remain standing.

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