JM has quite a bit of information on the lunar nodes right now. I love her blog Raging Universe, it’s exhilarating and effervescent and wise, all at once. And with beautiful art as well.

In March we have a series of lunar eclipses coming up involving the Pisces/Virgo polarity (more on that later), but this is a good article to read about the nodes. The nodes, like everything else astrological, have a wide scope of meaning from the prosaic (the south node is what’s familiar and holds you back and the north node is your highest and best progress) to the karmic (the south node is what you bring in from past lives that is not yet finished, and the north node points the evolutionary direction.

Often we feel we have to work hard to get to our north node, but in my experience our higher self is taking care of that progression. We don’t make it happen – we just make the day-to-day decisions that will bring us in harmony with our evolutionary path.

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