Jolie-Pitt-twinsNow that we have a confirmed birth time thanks to my vigilant readers (6:27 pm) we can more accurately profile Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie Pitt, born on July 12 to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The birthchart for the twins shows that their Sun is in Cancer, within ten degrees of Venus (relationships) in Angelina’s chart which bodes well for a loving emotional connection between Angelina and the children. An opposition (180 degree angle) of the Sun to Jupiter suggests that they will be showered with good fortune (that’s a no-brainer!), and even though the opposition is an aspect that illustrates some tension with a happy planet like Jupiter the opposition usually brings little challenge to the individual except a tendency towards excess.
The twins have Sagittarius rising in the chart and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so Jupiter is a strong influence there. Jupiter rules expansion, opportunity, good fortune, and a desire to find meaning in life so these things will be very strong for the twins. However, Jupiter in the chart is retrograde, which suggests that they may find it difficult to recognize the possibilities and benefits (Jupiter) that they are given.
Emotionally, they could be very intense and moody since they not only have the Sun and Mercury (mental processes and communication) in Cancer, which is the sign of moods and sensitivity, but their Moon (emotional nature) is in Scorpio which denotes an intensity of emotion that is not shared by Angelina and her Aries Moon.
They may more easily connect on an emotional level with Brad since his Moon and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn and nearly exactly sextile the Moon in the twins’ chart. Because they were apparently born within one minute of each other their charts are identical and both would have Sagittarius rising, which is a very different energy than the Cancer moodiness and Scorpio intensity.
Typically with twins, one twin takes on one of the roles in the chart (in this case, the lightness and joviality of the Sagittarius ascendant) and the other twin takes on another, more hidden role (in this case, the emotional intensity). This is why twins often seem so different when they share the same chart. It is very likely in the case of these twins that one will take on the more friendly, outgoing role of the Sagittarius ascendant with the Jupiter influence, which is more positive, upbeat and potentially more superficial, and the other will take on the more intense and emotional nature of the chart.
If one twin plays out the watery emotions to a greater extent, that twin will have more difficulty with Angelina, whose chart is mostly dry with lots of Gemini (air) and Aries (fire). In fact, Angelina has Saturn in Cancer, which indicates an insecurity (Saturn) in her ability to provide nurturing (Cancer), and possibly in her ability to really be a mother at the deepest level. We know that she strives to honor her own mother in her mothering role, and Saturn in Cancer suggests that she feels she does not live up to her own high expectations.
The twins’ chart shows that Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Virgo, widely square to Angelina’s Saturn, which further suggests that the twins will challenge her insecurities in this area. Still, Angelina’s progressed Sun has been in Cancer since 1993 and the emotional qualities of that sign are becoming more and more natural to her.
Still, the twins have a Grand Trine in water including their Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon and Uranus in Pisces. The trine to Uranus signifies an adaptability to new experiences (Uranus/Sun) and an emotional independence (Uranus/Moon) that will be a great boon to them in later life. Grand Trines facilitate the flow of energy between the planets and in the water element the Grand Trine facilitates an ease of relating in the emotional realm.
However, Chiron (wounding and healing) is nearly exactly square the Moon which could reflect the difficulty of their birth, and it does suggest a predisposition to intensely painful emotional experiences. This may take the form of serious physical illness for one or both of the twins, perhaps around August 29 when the Moon progresses to the exact square to Chiron.
Chiron is exactly conjunct the North Node in their chart which reveals that a capacity for healing (Chiron) is in some way a part of their greater destiny (North Node). Neptune (spirituality and creativity) is a part of that Chiron/North Node conjunction as well, suggesting that an aspiration for a greater calling is something that will be more important to the twins in later life. Neptune squares the Moon, enhancing the creativity of the twins and their romantic nature, but their tendency to be moody as well.
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