Sun. The Self/soul. Issues of identity, physical vitality, development of Will. Personality, self-expression.
Correspondences: 5th house, Leo
Moon. Issues of emotional development, instinctive response, intimacy, attitude towards home/family. Image of mother.
Correspondences: 4th house, Cancer.
Mercury. Functions of experience, thought, belief, learning. Concern with details. Language, communication, short journeys, siblings.
Correspondences: 3rd house, Gemini; 6th house, Virgo
Venus. Issues of relating to others, tastes and attitudes, values, self-indulgence. Physical security. Facet of image of partner/anima for men and sexual identity for women.
Correspondences: 2nd house, Taurus; 7th house, Libra
Mars. Drive, desire-both sexual and other. Capacity to get what you want/express anger/set boundaries. Facet of image of partner/animus for women and sexual identity for men.
Correspondences: 1st house, Aries. Ancient ruler of Scorpio/8th house.
Jupiter. Faith, optimism. Expansion of consciousness, limitations. Issues of self-actualization, confidence. Philosophy and theology. Correspondences: 9th house, Sagittarius, ancient ruler of Pisces/12th house.
Saturn. The imposition of limitations, discipline to attain goals. Issues of emotional security, responsibility. Image of father. Correspondences: 10th house, Capricorn. Ancient ruler of Aquarius.
Uranus. Radical thinking, rebellion, disruption of status quo. Autonomy, development of unique individuality. Higher octave of Mercury. Correspondences: 11th house, Aquarius
Neptune. Dissolution of ego, transcendence of physical reality. Spiritual experience, addiction. Merging of boundaries, inspiration. Higher octave of Venus. Correspondences: 12th house, Pisces.
Pluto. Power of transformation. Breakdown of reality, death/destruction leading to rebirth and rebuilding. Issues of power, sexuality, compulsion. Higher octave of Mars. Correspondences: 8th house, Scorpio
Chiron. Planetoid discovered in 1977. The wounded healer: a painful psychological/physical wound that motivates the individual to greater growth and understanding. Correspondences: 6th house/Virgo.



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