Michael Lutin is best known as the astrologer who writes the Vanity Fair sun sign column, and as you know, I have little respect for astrologers who try to condense this ancient art into an attempt to predict the future based on sun signs. But he has some interesting things to say about Israel/Palestine and its second Saturn Return which is approaching beginning in September and continuing through next year, as well as the planetary influences on suicide bombers..

The Saturn Return occurs when Saturn returns to its place in the birthchart – the first Saturn Return occurs at age 28-30 and is a time when we are tested for our ability to leave childhood behind and grow into adulthood. It can be a time of great success, or great failures. The second Saturn Return is around age 56-59, and our ability to successfully navigate through life’s structured passageways is confronted. This is the doorway to the “third age,” the time when we begin to ease off our responsibilities (as represented by Saturn) and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

From Michael Lutin:

If you speak fluent Hebrew
could you please explain to Israeli authorities
what the Saturn return is all about?
the Saturn return of Israel/Palestine
means that the events of these past weeks
will last well into 2007
This situation is setting off the Saturn return
and what’s going on there now
is setting up a situation that’s going to last a long long time
The roots of this situation go back to 1977
then 1948 when Israel/Palestine was first formed
and then back even further.
To solve the problem
new boundaries will eventually be created
and that may take a long long time
the Saturn return
demands respect for boundaries

As the kids born with pluto in Scorpio (1983-1994)
grow into adulthood
more individuals will be taking more risks
be more obsessive
and be willing to put themselves
in harm’s way
insane or not
this is Pluto in Scorpio
Do the math.
Then you’ll see how long all this is going to last
Until these kids turn forty.
president george bush has just has his second saturn return
in the twelfth house
as saturn moves into leo
everything that has been hidden
will be leaking out
and if he has acted with honor and integrity
he has nothing to fear
because if he has acted with honor and integrity
and been truthful and sincere
he doesn’t have to worry about what people will think
whether they agree with his policies or not.
if, however,
hee has been deceitful or been led astray or has been underhanded or
done anything illegal, immoral or untoward
he will have to aanswer for it
because that’s just what happens when saturn comes out of the twelfth house
this is true for everybody who has leo rising
and frankly
all leos as well
Oprah is exhausted beyond belief. So are all Aquarians.
Donald Trump is coming out of one of the
tightest spots he’s ever been in. If you’re a Gemini,
take a lesson from him

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