Thanks to the Townleys for this tidbit from the Jerusalem Post:

Hebrew University Prof. Moshe Idel opened the panel by relating how, several years ago, he was asked to attend a Knesset committee meeting on astrology.

“At first I could not understand why I was there really, but soon I learned that hundreds of political figures, [including] many, many prime ministers all over the world, regularly use astrologers in their decision-making processes,” said Idel. “When the prime minister decided to go to war last summer, what’s to say that among other advisers he consulted there shouldn’t have been someone involved in less traditional methods?”

Rabbi Isaac Batzri, whose father, Rabbi David Batzri, is a world-renowned Kabbalist, couldn’t have agreed more with Idel’s recommendation for the second Lebanon war. In fact, he told the panel that Defense Minister Amir Peretz met with him and his father recently to discuss IDF operations.

“Actually we told him that the dates he chose for the operation had been completely unsuitable for the war, so it was not surprising how we fared,” said Batzri. “If [Peretz] had met with us before the war, we could have told him that in the Jewish faith there are days for everything.”

This is so cool! Everywhere people are beginning to take astrology seriously.

Pluto has just begun a harmonious cycle affecting Jupiter and Mars in the chart of the Israeli nation. This is a time when Israel can grow truly powerful and protected if as a nation they seek the higher path. Saturn is simultaneously in a challenging cycle to the Sun/Chiron opposition in the chart, creating restriction (Saturn) and forcing confrontation of areas that need healing (Chiron). The next year will be an interesting time for Israel (for more information on the astrology of Israel and Palestine you may want to read this earlier article).

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