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This evening, Saturday, the Moon enters Aries until Monday morning. On Sunday, Mars in Pisces is exactly squaring Pluto in Sagittarius at 28 degrees – very near the Aries point. In fact, Mars will be moving into Aries on May 15th. The balsamic Aries Moon is squaring Venus in Cancer for a short while on Sunday morning and the Sun in Taurus is also exactly squaring Neptune in Aquarius at 22 degrees.

Happy Mothers Day!

Feelings are likely to be intense. There will be lots of energy, and very likely some relationship friction. But that’s all surface stuff and you have secret knowledge in your back pocket so that when irritations or tempers flare, yours or others, it will be easier to objectify and step back. That energy is always a sign that something needs to push through, so it’s an opportunity to stay aware and ask, what is it?

The warrior energy of Mars clears the way at the cutting edge of our soul’s journey, and when in aspect to Pluto is a definite pitchfork in the butt push. So while these times can be challenging in general, they can also be very transmutative.

Here in Boulder on Thursday, two suspicious characters in camouflage, one with a ski mask on and lurking in the early morning hours inside Boulder High School, brought out the swat team, FBI and an explosive sniffing dog. There was lots of noise, non-stop helicopters all day, as well as the following morning when the kids returned to school. It was drama, fear, frustration, steroids and testosterone, all focused on a collective fear that has been in the background since Columbine in 1999 and Bailey, Colorado in 2006.

Before the VA Tech incident, as the kids were returning from Spring break, there were also several incidences at Boulder High of graffiti and notes threatening that everyone would die on Thursday, April 19. They didn’t cancel school (although I asked my daughter to stay home that day – she is a part time student at Boulder High) and security was high. The day came and went, but not the undercurrent of tension and concern.

Mars one degree from a waxing square to Pluto this Thursday brought things to somewhat of a head with this latest incident. I was thinking at the time that it was a good thing, because Boulder is an intense place on the calmest of days, and this collective channeling of the Mars/Pluto energy into what thankfully did not get violent, cleared a lot of air. But the bigger question for us is where do we need to go from here? Where is our personal and collective soul taking us and perhaps what do we need to change, possibly through a strong and angry reaction, which brings us into greater alignment with what we really desire on the highest level.

Or maybe, like this photo taken by Jonathon Brown we can find our inner fire!

Watching what is going on in our city, society or the world at large in some ways will reflect the collective journey that we are all on. The late degrees of the mutable signs will be feeling the personal affects very strongly, possibly for the last week or so.

Tension and/or crisis is the way Mars leads us on this lower plane to the next level of inner power. The Sun in Taurus square Neptune with Venus in Cancer momentarily squaring the moon in Aries can also bring to our consciousness how our needs for security and society’s need for security can hold us back.

What changes do you need to make in your life as we begin a new cycle? Trust your inner celestial guidance! Don’t forget to look at what nurtures you and remember that change is the great constant in life. And through challenge and struggle we learn joy, compassion and unconditional acceptance of the journey and ourselves.

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