I’ve been feeling particularly Marsy today – snippy, irritated and generally difficult. Mars is approaching a square to my progressed Sun and I am really feeling it, and the upcoming New Moon in Aries will accentuate the influence of Mars which is currently in Pisces.

Evidently I’m not alone:

Elsa writes about drawing fire because of her Mars.

Susan writes about angry crusaders, and cites

Kathryn who connects Mars in Pisces with spirituality.

Meanwhile April and Jeffrey are having a Marsy Astroblogger Throw Down (® April Elliott Kent) over the ethics of celebrity blogging. I went over and threw a slug or two, be sure to read all the comments for a bit of fun. With Mars in Pisces you don’t really know who is throwing the punches, which makes it all the more exciting.

Mars demands that we access the aggression within us and give it a healthy outlet, so I went to the gym and pushed some heavy things around and felt better. Yoga is a good thing too since Mars in Pisces likes to hide its energy under a blanket of spiritual questing.

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