happy blogiversaryAstrological Musings is three years old today!  And what a ride it has been.  This blog’s beginning was somewhat sudden and with no real planning, so no electional chart was constructed to determine the most auspicious day for its launch.  I actually set up the Blogspot domain in May of 2005 but didn’t put the blog in motion until my sister visited for Thanksgiving and helped me get everything rolling.  I never actually did an analysis of the chart for the first blog post once it was up, not wanting to discover anything negative that might discourage me, but I thought this might be a good time to try it!

The chart for AM (11/19/2005, 9:25 pm, Chapel Hill NC) has the Sun in Scorpio reflecting the probing nature of this blog to leave no stone unturned in the hunt for astrological connections.  The Sun conjuncts the Nadir of the chart, the cusp of the fourth house of home and inner life, revealing the fact that the blog is almost exclusively written at home and delves into the inner

world of people, places and events to discover what goes on under the surface.

Leo is rising in the chart, reflecting the blog’s attempt to entertain and therefore bask in the admiration of its readers. :)  Mercury was retrograde in the chart which will shock many of you who would suppose that a professional astrologer would NEVER begin a venture with Mercury retrograde.  I would argue that Mercury retrograde is actually beneficial here, because we look not only to the future but also into the past to glean historical data that will help to forecast upcoming events.  

Mercury is in Sagittarius, helping to keep the tone light and enjoyable yet with a strong focus on the Truth, and it sits nicely in the fifth house of creativity and self-expression where it is squared by Uranus in the Eighth House.  Uranus square to Mercury reveals an iconoclastic mind, and it’s true that here at Astrological Musings we work hard to offer revolutionary new (Uranus) ideas (Mercury) that help to break through old and outmoded philosophies.

Uranus in the Eighth House is an interesting placement, considering the variety of viewpoints expressed in the comments where people often like to be anonymous (the Eighth House governs energies that lurk below the surface – it has to do with sex, death and other people’s money but also the occult and weird things in general).

The Moon is in Cancer in the Twelfth House – longing for a deep connection to the divine (Twelfth House) with a desire to nurture and to feed the soul (Cancer).  There is also a deep sensitivity with the Moon in Cancer, and perhaps a strong identification with the emotions of humanity in the world at large.  Venus in Capricorn opposes that Cancer Moon, reminding me that sometimes in order to take care of others (Venus/Cap) you have to step out of your comfort zone (Cancer Moon0.

Aries sits right on the Midheaven where it wants to run independently and be its own boss.  Fortunately, my editor here at Beliefnet lets me run amok to my heart’s content.  Mars is in Taurus, reflecting the stubborn perseverance with which I sometimes cling to my views, and it is opposed by Jupiter which exacerbates those tendencies.  Still, this is a pretty fortunate placement as Jupiter provides plenty of enthusiasm and confidence to wake up every morning and believe that the world is interested in what I have to say.

Saturn is rising in the First House of this chart, reflecting the fact that writing a blog every day is hard work.  It takes a lot of discipline and focus to find things that are reasonably interesting and put it into a form that will be entertaining.  But writing this blog is its own

reward, and even though Saturn in Leo often delays (Saturn) gratification (Leo), Saturn’s rewards are great.  Saturn also trines the North Node of the chart, showing that it is that hard work that will help this blog to fulfill its destiny!

So today, on the Third Blogiversary of Astrological Musings, I thank you dear readers for helping to make this blog a success!

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