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Jessica Simpson can’t seem to stay away from John Mayer; despite reports that they split in May, she has been photographed leaving his hotel in the middle of the night. Jessica’s chart shows that with her Sun in Cancer, she is exceptionally sensitive and easily hurt. Cancers feel everything deeply and hold family as the most important thing in their lives, and Jessica is very close to her family. In relationships, Jessica is a romantic. Venus in her chart is in Gemini which needs lots of people around, but her Venus is challenged by dreamy and romantic Neptune which causes her to see all of her relationships through an idealized rose-colored lens. Millions of viewers watched as Jessica’s fairytale romance with Nick Lachey was played out on their reality tv show, and then the same viewers watched as the fairytale disintegrated. Despite the apparent fact that Jessica instigated the breakup, she was still resentful when Nick started seeing Vanessa Minillo just weeks afterward.

Jessica’s Venus/Neptune opposition shows that she has a tendency to lose herself (Neptune) in her relationships, as we saw with her dying her hair dark when she was seeing John Mayer. As soon as the breakup was announced, Jessica went back to blonde.

With three planets in Libra, John Mayer desires nothing more than peace and harmony, and his songs relay that sweetness and sensitivity. John is a romantic too, with his Moon conjunct Neptune that bestows creativity and a dreamy imagination. But there is a tendency for Libra to love the idea of relationships more than the actual connection. Libra is an air sign and deals with the realm of ideas, not emotion. In addition, John’s Moon (emotional nature) is in freedom-loving Sagittarius, revealing an independent streak. Mars in John’s chart is in Cancer which suggests that he has a drive (Mars) to nurture others (Cancer) when he feels committed in a relationship.

There are some compatibilities between them, but a square from John’s Venus to Jessica’s Moon indicates a basic unease on an emotional level that is difficult to overcome. Mercury in his chart is square Mercury in hers and also her Sun, making it very difficult for them to communicate. The difficult aspects between Pluto in his chart and her Sun and Mercury, and between Pluto in her chart and his Sun and Mercury suggest a power struggle at a deep level and that each is trying to control the other. This is a powerful dynamic that can be transformative in the chart of two people who share a deep love, but in a more superficial relationship it can feel overwhelming and that the relationship is generally too much trouble.

Jessica is experiencing some interesting planetary cycles now. Jupiter in the heavens is challenging Venus in her chart, indicating that she wants more than she can get from all of her relationships right now and through the end of October. Pluto is challenging her Moon, adding intensity and bringing out the dark underbelly of her emotions such as jealousy and desire for dominance. This is a long-lasting cycle that will continue throughout next year. Under this transit a superficial relationship will not be enough: she wants deep and intense contact, something for which John Mayer is not wired.

Another cycle impacting Jessica’s relationships is a square of Uranus, representing rebellion and freedom, to Venus, her relationships. This cycle began last spring, and she is restless now and unwilling to compromise her freedom. She may find herself in relationships with men who are very different from herself; perhaps from other cultures or someone unpredictable. Perhaps this explains her attraction to John Mayer, from whom she is very different. Often when we are experiencing difficult with commitment ourselves we find ourselves attracted to partners who will not commit.

Jessica Simpson is due for a lot of change over the next year or two, and hopefully she will find herself in the process.

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