John Townley has posted a timely profile of the author of the Harry Potter series on the Matrix site:

Saturn rules the whole operation, the handle of a bucket-pattern chart, but itself in Pisces the Neptune-ruled sign of fantasy, so one could expect this kind of approach to life would rule her personality.

That Saturn is opposed to a huge, dark stellium of Pluto, Uranus, Moon, Venus, and Mercury all in Virgo, adding the endless gothic details which flesh out the fantasy world which she creates. It has similarities to her predecessor, J. R. Tolkien, whose bucket chart is swung by a Neptune-Pluto conjunction, but his features three planets in the first degrees of their signs (Saturn, Mercury, and Moon), making him logically more the originator. This pattern is interrupted by a square of Jupiter to Saturn and Moon, which can make for some repetitiveness and a tendency toward the overblown. In a children’s book, of course, that really works for her.

Neptune, planet of fantasy, is as might be expected trine the Saturn bucket handle, so it all fits together smoothly. You couldn’t look for a better chart for a dark fantasy writer, and when you add that happy Leo Sun, you get one for kids, not something more adult and personal like Anne Rice. That one big taste of fire high in the chart is what keeps the take positive and prevents it from becoming too deep and depressing, which could otherwise easily happen with this combination.

Evidently Ms. Rowling is having her Progressed Full Moon now (with her progressed Sun and Moon in opposition). My own progressed Full Moon five years ago was a time of powerful change, synthesizing my emotional needs with my work life. Ms. Rowling is famously known for having been “on the dole” before writing the Harry Potter series; it will be intereting to see what she does for her next act!!

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