July astrological forecast

Mandala by Paul Heussenstam

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Meanwhile, here is the introduction with the major events for July.  Enjoy!

There is a great deal of planetary energy in July, but most of it involves the faster moving planets and smaller cycles.  There are no big alignments of the major players right now which makes this more of an adjustment period than anything else.

The T-square configuration involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto which created so much disruption in June is beginning to diminish as the planets move farther apart, and you will feel much of the intensity beginning to settle down.  The Uranus/Pluto square is still very much with us, however (see the sidebar for more information on this major cycle), so this period of change is not yet complete.

Mercury turns direct on July 1st after three weeks in retrograde motion.  The combination of Mercury retrograde with the big Mars pattern has created a great deal of tension which will be moving away.   However, Uranus will turn retrograde later in the month so we will still have five planets in retrograde (see this earlier article for more information about the importance of retrograde planets).

Jupiter enters the sign of Leo on the 16th.  I’ll be writing more about Jupiter in Leo over the next few days, but this is a major shift (Jupiter changes signs about once a year).  Jupiter represents the expansive principle and the beliefs that give our life meaning.  It is associated with religion, philosophy, publishing, and optimism and in Leo all of that positive energy is focused into Leo’s focus on creative self expression.

Before Uranus turns retrograde on the 21st it will slow down to a crawl and its energy will be more intense.  Uranus demands that we release anything from our lives that is stale or keeping us from living an authentic life.  Revolutionary activity will be heightened throughout the month of July and we will likely feel more rebellious and less tolerant of restrictions.

Essentially, the month of July is a good time for rest and reflection and integration of changes that have occurred over the past few years so that we are prepared for the next phase of planetary influences.  A harmonious trine from Saturn (the Teacher) to Chiron (the Healer) over the next few months will help to smooth out any rough edges.

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