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I am running a bit behind this month!  Blame it on Mercury retrograde and a big Uranus transit that I will write about soon.  You can read the article in its entirety here, and if you are on my mailing list you will soon receive your report with a translation of the planetary events into easy to understand language.

Here is the introduction discussing the main planetary events in June.

June begins with Mercury (ruling the mind, the mental realm and communication) still in retrograde, and this has been a difficult one for many people.  It began with a square from Mercury to Saturn, and because Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini adapability and flexibility is required.

Three planets change direction this month:  Mercury turns direct on the 11th which will start the gears moving again for most things, but Neptune turns retrograde on the 12th and is stationary throughout most of the month.  Neptune is the planet of inspiration and creativity, but it also urges us to transcend the material and discover the magic of the transcendent.  Boundaries are blurred and physical reality can be confusing, making decisions and anything practical difficult to achieve right now.  This is a better time for spiritual practice and creative endeavors – enjoying the arts and music, meditation and generally looking for an inner experience of the divine.

Chiron (wounding and healing) also turns retrograde this month, aiding Neptune in its quest to bring us more deeply into the inner mysteries and taking the process one step further by opening the doorways of the heart so that healing and transformation can occur.

Saturn (testing and hard work) is already traveling in retrograde motion, but this month it retrogrades from Sagittarius back into Scorpio where it will remain until September.  Saturn first went into Scorpio in October of 2012 and moved into Sagittarius in late December 2014 (read more about Saturn in Scorpio here).  With Saturn completing its passage through Scorpio we will be cleaning up situations of power imbalances, secrets and betrayals, emotional damage that we are holding onto.

The two planets of liberation and freedom, Jupiter and Uranus, complete their trine cycle this month.  Jupiter provides expansive confidence, and Uranus excites the imagination and creates innovation and change.  This is usually a very positive aspect for breakthroughs of all kinds, especially in science and technology.  In our personal lives this aspect will call our attention to areas of our lives that require change or where we may feel that we are being blocked from being our authentic self (Uranus) and the desire for change and liberation will be expanded by Jupiter’s confidence.

Finally, the challenging square between Uranus and Pluto (see the sidebar article if this is new to you) which has created so much stress and tension in our lives since 2010 may be over, but these two planets are still just two degrees apart from an exact aspect.  These planetary energies are preventing anything in our lives from taking root unless they serve the highest good, forcing us to let go of our old lives and begin anew.  Globally we are seeing this take shape as chaos and political turmoil as a new order begins to emerge.  The old must be destroyed before the new can take its place, and the same is true of our own worlds.

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