There is an astonishing amount of planetary energies in the sky right now.  To recap, we have had three planets tightly wound together in the stable, grounded sign of Capricorn since the spring of 2020 (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn), creating restriction and pressure for responsibility and the supremacy of societal organizations.  Mars (action and desire) is in its own sign of Aries where it is most powerful, about to turn retrograde, in a challenging aspect to the Capricorn planets and challenging their authority and attempts to create order.

Neptune (inspiring transcendence and spiritual creativity) is in its own sign of Pisces where it has been since 2012.  Neptune’s highest expression is that of intuitive connection with a divine force, but its dark side is that of delusion and illusion.  Neptune is particularly strong in Pisces, where it is connected to pandemics, spiritual confusion, and an absence of truth and facts.

Even without the more minor bodies such as asteroids and other points, this would already be a significant time of planetary evolution.  But add to this the new planet Eris, representing discord and chaos, which is being challenged by the Capricorn planets and especially Pluto (destruction and transformation), and we have a real cocktail of intensity that is like an earthquake, shaking the very foundations of the world in which we live.  If history is any guide, this will eventually result in greater stability and equality as human society recalibrates, but in the meantime it’s not an easy time in which to live.

Juno is usually referred to as the asteroid of marriage, and it’s true that Juno has a strong connection to the uniting of two souls in a formalized partnership. But this simplistic definition diminishes the voice of Juno as not everyone will marry, but everyone lives with the influence of Juno.  Juno takes the love offered by Venus and cements it into a partnership, with boundaries and expectations. Juno presides over our obligations to others and our responsibilities in our relationships, as well as the overlap of intimacy and rules that we create.  In mythology, Juno was the protector of the weak and a warrior in her own right – where Venus inspires loving connection and aesthetic harmony, Juno is fearless in her protection of the community as a whole.
Juno moves fairly quickly – her orbit takes around five years to circle the Sun so this opposition from Juno to Eris occurs every five years or so.  What makes this significant is the fact that Eris is locked in a challenging square aspect from Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Mars is tied into that as well, having first aligned with Eris on August 17th and because of its retrograde cycle, Mars and Eris will remain connected until December 22nd of this year, with Juno opposing Mars finishing on September 14th..  Add to that the presence over the next few weeks of the Black Moon Lilith, representing moral outrage against patriarchal oppression, and it’s quite a cocktail of potential fury.  BML (I use the true osculating position of the Black Moon Lilith) will weave in and out of an opposition to Mars until February of 2021.).
This can sound quite frightening, but it’s important to remember that in nearly every form of spiritual philosophy, fire is the element of purification.  It is also a great motivator for change.  I will never forget the client of mine who desperately wanted to move out of the home which she had lived in for her entire life, but she could never find the motivation to do so.  Then the house caught on fire and burned to the ground, forcing her to make that change.  It was a terrible experience, but ultimately liberated her to begin a life that was more authentic and true to the person she had become.
We are in a period of great transition as a species right now.  Life after COVID will not be the same as before.  These fiery energies can assist in the process of transformation if we use them consciously.  Spending time with fire, in a controlled way of course, is a wonderful way to internalize these energies and utilize them in a positive way.  Building a small fire in a safe space and offering something into the fire – incense perhaps, or a piece of paper with any darkness you would like to release.  Physical activity can help to activate the fire in the belly, the seat of the Will in the solar plexus which helps us to focus and manifest. And with that fire activated, we could say a prayer or set an intention for other beings as well:
May I and all beings be happy and free.
May I and all beings find peace and ease.
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