Jupiter conjunct plutoJupiter is the planet from which the kindly word “jovial” derives and which is said to act as the Greater Benefic in the lives of men.  It expands our world both physically and mentally, instilling a desire for greater knowledge and high philosophies. As a result, Jupiter has a tendency to constantly be pushing boundaries (boundaries are associated with Saturn) and resists responsibility in the name of freedom.   Under the influence of Jupiter we seek to know god, or to be god as the quality of hubris is woven into the Jupiterian archetype.

But Jupiter also describes the search of humanity for meaning.  We are born into the world with no idea what our purpose is, or what the cosmic truth is all about.  Our lives are filled with a search for that meaning – a paradigm or theology that will help us to make sense of human existence.  Even those who believe that life has no meaning are espousing a philosophy, and that too is ruled by Jupiter.  When the personal search for meaning as represented by Jupiter encounters the force of transformation represented by Pluto, there is bound to be a paradigm shift.

To recap some recent astrological history:

In 2019, Saturn (restriction and challenge) began to align in a conjunction to Pluto (destruction and regeneration) with both planets in Capricorn, the sign that represents the societal structures on which we build our lives and communities.  Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 when it began to tear down global economic systems and force many of us to rebuild our lives in different ways.  (It should be noted that after the economic collapse when Pluto entered Capricorn there was a historic bull market that has only just now ended.)  Saturn entered Capricorn in 2007, and since Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn this aided in the rebuilding process.

In the summer of 2019, Saturn and Pluto came within two degrees of a conjunction, setting off the energies of contraction and sending ripples through financial markets.  (You may want to catch up with this earlier article on the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.)  The exact conjunction did not perfect until January 12th, on the heels of a lunar eclipse that lined up with not only Saturn and Pluto but also Mercury and Ceres, all within two degrees of Capricorn.  Astrologers everywhere held their breath to see what would happen.  And…crickets.  Nothing dramatic.  However, in Hubei Province, 200 miles from where the conjunction sits according to the astro-mapping, a virus was beginning to spread.  We all know what happened after that.  And now many of us are “sheltered” or locked down in our homes, and it doesn’t get more Saturn/Pluto than that.

OK, but what about Jupiter.

Jupiter moved into Capricorn in December of 2019, and the happy optimism of Jupiter in Sagittarius began to fade as the financial markets began to sputter under the Capricornian contraction.  We like to think of Jupiter as always bringing good things, but the expansion of Jupiter doesn’t always have pleasant results.  Viruses are associated with Neptune, and Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces.  Jupiter aligned in a harmonious sextile to Neptune beginning in 2019, with the second phase in February 2020.  I optimistically predicted: “The harmonious combination of these two planets will help to foster compassionate understanding and connection that will help to facilitate the pressures of the Jupiter/Pluto combination” but it appears that the expansive properties of Jupiter instead correlated with the spread of the virus (Neptune).

Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions typically correlate for events that are larger than life. The last time Jupiter conjoined Pluto in 2007, Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president.  The stock market in the US reached historic highs.  North Korea conducted its first missile test. A panel of scientists declare that climate change is caused by human behavior.  We are already seeing that the spread of the Coronavirus will cause tremendous changes in human existence.  The relationships between nations will be altered.  The freedom of people to travel between countries will become limited.  The balance of power, both political and economic, will likely shift and the tendency towards concentration of power under Pluto in Capricorn and the Capricorn stellium of the past year could continue to intensify as the moneyed elite struggles to tighten their grip. This will be especially true in the US since Jupiter and Pluto will be sitting right on the US Pluto as the US Pluto return begins, potentially interfering with the 2020 presidential election.

In our personal lives, this Jupiter/Pluto conjunction could help us to let go of any outmoded paradigms underpinning our own individual philosophies that are clearly no longer working for us.  We are being called into a new world, and we cannot bring our old ideals behind.  On the other hand, this planetary cycle could help us to solidify our goals and wishes (Jupiter) and empower us (Pluto) to manifest in bold new ways, but these changes won’t occur quickly.  This summer six planets will be retrograde at once, an extremely unusual event which will cause a great deal of looking back and correcting before change and transformation can occur for life to move forward again. (See my article on the Astrology of 2020 for more details.)

The first of the Jupiter/Pluto meetings occurs on April 4th, with the second phase occurring on June 30th and the final phase on November 12th.

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