I’m behind on several writing projects, including January’s Skywatch and an article on Jupiter’s upcoming entry into Aquarius which will take place on January 17. Jupiter changes signs every year or so, and while in Aquarius it will team up with Chiron and Neptune which ought to really be interesting and make for some major changes of consciousness!  But more on that later.  Meanwhile,  Kathryn Cassidy has written a nice piece on Jupiter in Aquarius, so I thought I’d share this while I’m getting my act together this weekend:

Jupiter in Aquarius is the one to watch this year as it correlates to a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and this is one of the most unpredictable, life-changing mergers in the astrological pantheon. It’s the placement of the extraordinary, the radical, the revolutionary, the miraculous and the unbelievable – in both the positive and negative sense of the words.

The last time Jupiter was in Aquarius we saw all these adjectives put to use. The year was 1997 and it was simply unbelievable that Diana, Princess of Wales should be killed in a car crash; so totally unexpected a fate at that time in her life that we were all left reeling. A mass (AQ) outpouring of grief at her death (JU) united people across the globe. We were also shocked by the shooting of Gianni Versace in Miami.

It was in 1997 that Tony Blair stormed into power with his ‘New Labour’. This was an extraordinary defeat for the Conservatives and changed the face of Britain overnight. Meanwhile in the White House the words ‘unbelievable’ and ‘I’m shocked’ were undoubtedly being well used as rumours were swirling about the inappropriate relationship of the President, Bill Clinton with an intern called Monica Lewinsky*.

The Internet began its meteoric rise to world dominance and technology in general followed suit in ’97. It’s hard to believe that it is only in the last 12 year Jupiter cycle that surfing the World Wide Web has become such an integral part of our lives.

Aquarius is the sign of the masses and Jupiter relates to Space and ‘the beyond’. Billions of people were transfixed by the sight of Comet Hale-Bopp in the heavens in 1997 and in Phoenix, Arizona the Phoenix Lights phenomena reminded us that ‘the truth could still be out there’! The list goes on but the point is that 1997 was a pivotal year of extraordinary happenings and 2009 is likely to have a similarly radical impact on our culture and, for many of us with Leo, Scorpio and Taurus planets, in our personal lives too.

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Stay tuned for more on this subject!!

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