Jupiter, the planet of expansion, confidence – the King of the gods and the planet which encourage us to be King in our own world – shifts from brainy Aquarius to sensitive Pisces today.  Jupiter will spend a few months in Pisces before retrograding back into Aquarius in August.  During this time, we will discover either (a) an expanded awareness and consciousness of the divine creativity and wisdom that flows through us all, or (b) a trip into fantasy realms where reality hides behind rainbows and alternate universes.

Jupiter tends to expand whatever it comes into contact with and can be an extremist.  In its role as divine arbiter of That Which Has Meaning in Life, in Pisces there can be a desire to lose oneself in a search for the greater good.  Stephen Arroyo’s excellent book Exploring Jupiter has a great quote by John Mason Brown:  “The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose.”  This quote aptly describes the joy that Jupiter in Pisces derives from diving headfirst into extremes.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces (with Neptune being the modern ruler), and Jupiter and Neptune share an expansive view of the world, and a desire to bring true meaning into our lives.  However, Jupiter’s focus is more on the expansion of the Self through a pursuit of meaning and Truth where the Piscean desire to submerge the Self requires an annihilation of individuality.  It is here where trouble can occur – especially next year when Jupiter and Neptune conjoin in Pisces for a fantabulous merger of potential bliss and delusion.

In the meantime, Jupiter acts primarily alone, helping us to expand our inner selves, awakening the knowledge of the ideals that give our life meaning.  I believe this will be a helpful assist to the changes we are all having to make in our lives as we start to emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Important dates for Jupiter’s journey through Pisces:

  • Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13, 2021
  • Jupiter turns retrograde June 20, 2021 and begins to move back towards Aquarius.
  • Jupiter re-enters Aquarius on July 28, 2021
  • Jupiter turns direct October 18, 2021
  • Jupiter re-enters Pisces December 28, 2021
  • Jupiter conjunct Neptune April 23, 2022
  • Jupiter enters Aries May 10, 2022
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