Jupiter in TaurusJupiter will enter the sign of Taurus on June 4th, leaving the sign of Aries where he has inspired revolutionary behavior across the Middle East and moving into a more grounded place of stability, where our ideas and inspiration that took hold under the Aries influence begin to take root and flower.

The astrological Jupiter represents our yearning for meaning in life and our desire for expansion and growth.  Jupiter brings optimism, adventure, good fortune and prosperity, but is also present in experiences of frustration in which we feel that our blessings aren’t big enough; that our world isn’t grand enough.

The sense of meaning that we seek under Jupiter’s tutelage is different from the absolute Truth that Pluto teaches when we have lost everything we have depended on and are left with only the reality of Being.

Taurus is an Earth sign that is traditionally ruled by Venus, but I like to think of the Earth as a second ruler of Taurus.  Taurus cherishes everything about the earth: the pleasure of living in a body with five senses, the feeling of the dirt in a garden filled with flowers, the sense of being rooted in a life that is filled with comfort and security.

When Jupiter moves through Taurus we begin to feel a desire to become rooted and bloom quite literally where we are planted.  The rebellions that were fostered when Jupiter traveled through Aries will need to find a stable place from which to grow.  Economic security is important when the planet of fortune travels through the sign of acquisition, and learning to grow our wealth is likely to become a greater concern than it was before.

Jupiter is often spoke of as the planet which brings us money because of its association with good luck and the expansion of good things.  But Jupiter’s real purpose is to inspire us towards a theology that gives our life meaning.  These theologies are the things that we believe that help us to find our place in the world and if we find other people who share our beliefs, we call it “religion.”

When Jupiter travels through Taurus, we are reminded that building wealth and a life of comfort is only useful if it helps us to find meaning in our lives.  Taurus is an acquisitive sign and tends to enjoy hoarding, but Jupiter in that sign will not permit the flow of finance to be blocked in that way.

Deepening our understanding that money is a flow of energy will be a great help in learning the lessons of Jupiter in Taurus.

Jupiter will remain in Taurus until July 2012, and during this time it will forge harmonious relationships with other planets to help facilitate expansion and an optimistic viewpoint on the changes occurring in the world.  Almost immediately when Jupiter enters Taurus it will sextile Neptune, expanding compassion and a depth of spiritual experience.   By early July (just in time for the Big Eclipse on July 1st) Jupiter will be in a sextile to Chiron, facilitating the healing process and assisting in personal and soul healing.  At the same time a lovely trine to Pluto will help to establish balance of power where none currently exists, building a strong and grounded Taurean foundation.

Many blessings are available during this cycle of Jupiter to Taurus, but comfortable planetary cycles can sometimes create a dangerous environment of complacency.  Gratitude and appreciation goes a long way towards teaching Jupiter’s lessons and assuring success.

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