Jupiter will be in Taurus from May 16, 2023 to May 25, 2024. What can we expect?

About Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of optimism and faith, and it also describes the way we find meaning in life. Jupiter rules religion and philosophy in the crafting of beliefs and world views which help us to structure our perspectives and values. Jupiter is the teacher and the one which inspires us towards grand objectives as well as grandiosity. As astrologer Deb Houlding writes,

We think of Jupiter as the planet of increase and expect to prosper under its influence, but the opportunities that it brings are based upon having greater freedom to think and act for ourselves, less inhibited by closed options that normally define our prospects and selections for us. Such freedom calls for conscious awareness of what we do, why we do it, and how we balance the urge for instant gratification against the need to invest in the future. If we fail to acknowledge the value of caution and moderation, we can be fooled into exploiting opportunities that lead towards financial failure, spiritual dissatisfaction, or the boredom and depression that accompanies surfeit and over-indulgence. Jupiter doesn’t offer revenge but allows us to be the architects of our own destruction, giving us enough rope to hang ourselves if we call for it. As the supplier of the bounteous feast, Jupiter knows that those whose greed exceeds necessity will end up sorry that they failed to self-impose propriety. read more here…

I like to think of the planets in pairs that complement each other: the Sun (outward facing) and the Moon (inward facing), Venus (receptive) and Mars (assertive), and Jupiter (expansive and optimistic) pairs nicely with Saturn (discipline and focus). (Operating alone of course is Mercury, the messenger, who travels easily between all of the other planetary influences.) Speaking specifically of Jupiter, if we have too much Jupiter and not enough Saturn regulation we can fall into the trap of our own self-destruction.

About Taurus. Jupiter travels through Taurus every twelve years or so, and it is tempting to assume when the planet of plenty is in Taurus, the sign of wealth and comfort, that there would be some kind of increase in prosperity and abundance. I was unable to find any such statistical correlation, either in the stock market, or inflation records, or economic growth and the kind of wealth that Taurus offers is not always financial or statistically meaningful. Taurus craves the comfort and stability of material things – just enough to bring ease and equanimity into the life. Unlike Capricorn, which appreciates the finer things for the status they bring and is happy to work long hours for them, Taurus is content with a life that is free from that sort of stress and drive.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus and Jupiter are known in traditional astrology as benefic planets – generally speaking, they tend to open doors of opportunity and attract positive things. So Jupiter in Taurus over the next twelve month may offer opportunities and some of us may be luckier during this time. This is not a guarantee, though, and too much faith in Jupiter’s bountiful nature could create its own problems.

Jupiter in Taurus. Taurus is also a fixed sign of the Earth element, Jupiter’s passage through Taurus may be beneficial for ecological issues as well as economics. However, if we remember that Jupiter is the planet of ideology we will find it interesting that in 2011 when Jupiter was last in Taurus there was a fight over increasing the debt limit similar to the one we face this summer with Jupiter in Taurus. Taurus is a fixed sign and tends to lack interest in compromise, so we could be facing a number of ideological fights in governments all around the world.

Other factors to consider.

Jupiter is a faster moving planet and by itself isn’t likely to facilitate the kind of major changes that we see with the outer planets, but it will partner with some planetary bodies and points over the next year which could have an impact.

Jupiter square Pluto. Right after entering Taurus on May 16, Jupiter will challenge Pluto on May 17th and set off a battle of wills and potential conflict. There is a lineup of planetary bodies on that day, including the North Node, Mercury and the Moon, all in Taurus and all in that square to Pluto. Pluto is the planet of power and creative destruction, and this time period in mid-May will likely bring some challenges.

Jupiter conjunct North Node. Pluto is associated with the idea of fate and events from which we cannot escape because they are predestined, and Jupiter will bump into the (true) North Node on June 1st. The North Node of the future marks the path to our destiny, and this entire time feels pregnant with importance. Decisions made in May and June will likely have lasting impact, so we will need to be thoughtful about how we make those decisions and how they could impact our life in the long view.

Jupiter sextile Saturn. This harmonious integration of Jupiter’s optimism with Saturn’s penchant for discipline is a nice grace note as the winds of fate from Pluto and the North Node begin to subside.

Jupiter retrograde. Jupiter will turn retrograde on September 4, 2023 and will be retrograde until December 30, 2023. Jupiter retrograde periods are great for looking back at lessons already learned, and getting a bit more out of them.

The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. The conjunction of the two liberation planets will be a pretty big deal beginning April 20, 2024, and it will be followed by harmonious aspects with Neptune in May and a trine to Pluto in June after entering Gemini.  That is a long way off and it’s too soon to make predictions, but this looks to be a time of easy change and blossoming of new ideas and opportunities.

Interesting times ahead folks! Stay tuned right here for details as they unfold. ❤️ art on this page created by me with Midjourney app.

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