I’ll begin by quoting myself:

When planets are retrograde, their influence becomes more subtle; more internalized. It can be more difficult to achieve momentum in the areas over which the planet presides. It may be necessary to apply a greater conscious intention to areas of life ruled by that planet. When all three outer planets retrograde at once we are often forced to perfect a part of our life that has been neglected and which is holding us back from evolving as individuals.

Jupiter turned retrograde yesterday, joining Chiron, Neptune and Pluto all of whom are traveling backward in their apparent path as observed from earth.  Chiron and Neptune changed direction at the end of June, and Jupiter moved slightly beyond the conjunction before turning retrograde yesterday.

Jupiter will catch up with Neptune first, in July 9th, and for the next few weeks these planets will continue to dance together in a celebration of the evolution of the soul and an expansive opening to creative inspiration.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that this same blissful opening of the soul can also open up the temptation of escapist behavior, addictions, and illusions if we venture too far into the world of rose-colored glasses without remaining grounded on Planet Earth.

Chiron has not gone far, and remains within one degree of Jupiter and Chiron which is certainly close enough to add its voice of wisdom to the mix.  Chiron asks where in our lives are we harboring painful memories or ill-will that needs to be released in order for the soul to continue its journey towards evolution.

Readings for clients have been very interesting under this triple conjunction.  Several people in one day were experiencing longer mourning periods than they felt was appropriate after losing several people that were important to them over the past few years. Some people are suddenly remembering incidents that occurred years ago, but which suddenly seem important.  Other practitioners are telling me that their clients are asking, “What should I be doing with my life?”  It’s as though we have all suddenly awoken to the fact that we are spiritual beings wearing earthly clothing.

The emotional pain that we may be feeling is an important part of the cleansing process and can’t be avoided under Chiron’s influence.  It is the clearing of the emotional debris that facilitates our ability to shift into a new way of living in the world in true peace and bliss, with an experience of real love that comes from within.

It will be the end of July before Jupiter begins to retrograde away from Chiron and Neptune, and by then Uranus will have turned retrograde (Uranus retrogrades on July 2).  Uranus has slowed down as it prepares to turn retrograde, and it is at its most powerful now, urging us to pursue freedom, liberty and the happiness that comes from living an authentic life.

This is a powerful combination of planetary energies!

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