Jupiter in LeoJupiter is the biggest planet in our natural solar system, and it radiates more energy than any other planet except for the Sun.  Mythological Jupiter was the King of the Gods.  With these bigger than life qualities, Jupiter’s role is to expand our sense of what is possible in our ordinary lives by removing fears and limitations and instilling faith and trust in the Universe.  Jupiter is associated with the mental constructs that we develop which give our life a sense of meaning, such as religious or political philosophies, and it is generally seen as a “lucky” planet that brings opportunities and greater confidence.

Jupiter takes about twelve months to travel through a sign, and Jupiter now leaves the emotional sign of Cancer for fiery Leo. In Cancer Jupiter was focused on emotional security and security of the family or “tribe” – the realm of feeling has been highlighted and the sense of righteousness that Jupiter can demonstrate has been emotionally based and less reasonable than it was previously when Jupiter traveled through Gemini, an air sign of ideas.  Now Jupiter moves into the fire element where passion prevails.

The transition from Cancer to Leo takes us from a quiet expression of life to a more buoyant and almost explosive interest in experiences that will allow us to expand and grow in our sense of enjoyment of life.  Leo at its core is represented by the archetype of the Divine Child – the innocence and beauty of the Ego in its pure and unadulterated form.  Many of our spiritual philosophies and religions denigrate the Ego as something to be rejected (a Pisces/Neptune concept), but a healthy human experience requires that we develop and maintain a strong sense of Self that is not self-centered or self-ish, but self-aware and self-protective.  This is the realm of Leo.

Leo is a fire sign, but it is one of the “fixed” signs – the signs that can be somewhat inflexible but tend to be more powerful in nature.  Leo is ruled by the Sun and its realm is the creative expression of the Self.  Individuality is a key concept under Leo, and Jupiter’s travels through Leo will bring more focus on the individual enjoyment of life through romance and opening the heart, but also through finding heart connections to all of life.  The Sun is the ruler of the physical heart, and Leo is the Sun’s sign to this expansion  and opening (Jupiter) of the heart in all ways is an important element of Jupiter’s journey through Leo.

Fun is another important aspect of the Leo archetype – learning to open the heart to enjoyment and pleasure despite the difficulties and negativities that can easily distract us.  Jupiter’s passage through Leo can help us to find more zest and gusto and gratification if we only open our eyes to see.

Everything in this physical world has both a dark side and a light side.  Jupiter is expansive and brings confidence and good fortune, but it also can lead to complacency and laziness as well as self-indulgence and a tendency to excess.  In mundane astrology Jupiter rules Kings and government leaders, as does Leo, so we are likely to see the rise of new flamboyant leaders seeking great power.

In our personal lives we can use this transit of Jupiter through Leo to enhance our creativity and find ways to set ourselves free from the restrictions that limit us from finding joy.  Jupiter will align in a harmonious trine with Uranus three times during its journey through Leo: on September 25th, March 3 2015, and June 22 2015.  Uranus is the planet which awakens us and inspires us to create change in our lives, and when it harmonizes with Jupiter the opportunities to break free from restrictions which inhibit us and keep us from experiencing our lives to the fullest.  These are also times which open our intuitive intelligence, encouraging the pursuit of higher knowledge.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, but unfortunately Jupiter can only go so far – it brings us the good luck, but we must keep our eyes open so that we can recognize these opportunities and take advantage of them.  I intend to spend this Jupiter journey through Leo bringing more dance and music into my life and learning to open my heart to ever greater love and appreciation for the beauty in this life.

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