Jupiter Saturn trineThe qualities of Jupiter and Saturn are diametrically opposed to each other, but an integration of the two is absolutely essential for successfully surviving on Planet Earth.

Jupiter represents the principle of expansion and the seeking of experiences that imbue our life with meaning.  Jupiter teaches confidence and openness and inspires a quest for philosophies and religions that appear to us as truth.  Saturn counters the expansion of Jupiter with contraction – Saturn requires that we apply limits to our freedom and plants the seeds of self-doubt so that we will apply ourselves with rigorous discipline and face the challenges that human experience brings to teach us the lessons we need to learn here in the Earth School.  Saturn establishes boundaries and limits, and Jupiter seeks to go beyond those limits and boundaries.

When Jupiter and Saturn are in challenging alignments in the natal chart or in the sky, there is stress between our sense of confidence and our ability to create good fortune for ourselves (Jupiter) and the need to buckle down and work hard to accomplish ones goals (Saturn).  Currently we are in a harmonious cycle between Jupiter and Saturn, a cycle which began in July of 2013.  When Jupiter and Saturn align in friendship, we begin to see that the harder we work (Saturn) the lucker we get (Jupiter).  The two fit together more naturally – the confidence of Jupiter inspires more hard work and realistic attitudes encouraged by Saturn.

This has been an interesting dance in light of the larger cycle of the Uranus/Pluto square (see the sidebar if this is new to you).  Where the Uranus/Pluto square is fostering a cycle of resistance and rebellion (Uranus) followed by breakdowns (Pluto) and a rebuilding of a new archetype (Uranus), the Jupiter/Saturn trine is bestowing hope and potential for growth (Jupiter) and stability (Saturn).

The first phase of the Jupiter/Saturn trine occurred on July 17th and we would have expected positive news in the financial markets; however, Uranus also turned retrograde that day – an event that typically correlates with a surprising change of events. On the day of these exact alignments Ben Bernanke’s testimony to Congress that the Fed would continue pumping money into the system sustained buoyancy in the markets and trading amplified over the following few days.

Other than a few blips such as in August when Jupiter faced off against both Uranus and Pluto, under the Jupiter/Saturn trine the financial markets have been buoyed by growing confidence and record numbers.  In addition, the rancor that has marked the global political arena (particularly here in the US) has the potential to soften somewhat under the harmonious connection of Jupiter and Saturn.

Still, on the 17th when Uranus changes direction to turn direct there is the potential for a reversal, and this becomes even more likely when Venus, the planet that represents not only love and romance but also the things we value and our possessions, retrogrades at the Winter Solstice.

I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ANALYST AND THIS IS NOT TO BE CONSIDERED FINANCIAL ADVICE, but my personal belief is that if there was to be a real collapse of the financial system it would have occurred back in 2008 with Pluto entering Capricorn.  The recession that hit during that time is in a real recovery now, and I am dubious that there will be a real collapse.  Certainly there will be corrections and there are lots of indications that we are in an economic bubble in some stocks and in some areas of the housing market.

Under the Jupiter/Saturn trine we can be lucky if we are practical and work hard.  Utilizing the best of both planets is what will help us to achieve our goals and dreams.

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