I quoted from this wonderful article in the Breakthrough show on Sunday’s Musings on Astrology radio talk show.  The article evidently appeared last spring before the cardinal alignments, but it’s beautifully written by astrologer Ver dar Luz of Reality Sandwich:

The symbol of volcanic eruption is very important and pertinent to consider in what is beginning to emerge all around us. We feel at these moments both as the volcano and the lichen, the new life, on the crust of the volcano.  All the new life will sprout from us.  Every action unfolds in butterfly-effect repercussion.  Thus, we are nervous and erupting, we are anxious and overflowing, like the symbol of the cosmic ocean of Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Pisces.  In the ocean, we recognize that we’re all one, so our sensitivity increases and we feel everything.  Then we wonder, “Am I swimming or drowning here?”  That Jupiterian urge to expand and grow, as well as overindulge and overflow without borders merges with Uranus, the urge to liberate, break free, radically shift, even if it’s traumatizing…..like birth and the fetus bursting from the amniotic fluid.

With every Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, once every fourteen years, new cultural phenomena emerge.  Brilliant works of genius are channeled and shared with the world, forever shifting collective perception. In order for each one of us to become a conduit for this enlightened breakthrough, we must create the space in our lives to receive the divine mind, to listen to our intuition, and to leave our previous worldview behind.  Saturn’s opposition makes this easier said then done.  Due to all of these planets’ square from Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld and the transformations necessary for evolution, we must surrender to the catastrophic volcano that destroys the old structures and fertilizes the landscape with molten vitality — the womb is abandoned in agony and ecstacy.  For the infant’s eyes to shine alive with golden sunlight, the constrictive pressure of the canal must be surmounted.

And if we relax, we may be able to slide through this wormhole.  If we try to force, we may find ourselves sucked in every direction.  Amidst this liminal, bardo awareness, we should not be surprised to fall asleep and wake up crying at the sheer potency of what is occurring.  Insomniac passages may become more of our norm as well, as our Mother Earth roars from within us.  So we release into what is.  Conscious, connective breathwork can help to repattern us in these moments of birth once we assure ourselves that we are both protected in our journey, and also going to appear quite different in the mirror on the other side.

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