Astrologers all over the country are scratching their heads today because Karl Rove has escaped indictment. Capitol Hill Blue says,

It’s now known that Rove had discussed Plame’s CIA employment with conservative columnist Robert Novak, who exposed her identity less than a week later, citing two unidentified senior administration officials.

Rove’s truth-telling to the FBI saved him from indictment.

And by misleading reporters, the White House saved itself from a political liability during the 2004 presidential campaign.

Rove’s chart has an unaspected Mars, the source no doubt of his renegade behavior. This Mars is currently being aspected by the Saturn/Chiron opposition of which you will read quite a bit in this column, and Mars in his chart is currently being opposed (180 degrees) by transiting Mars as it conjuncts Saturn. Many astrologers read this as indicating indictment as Saturn enforces restrictions on Rove’s personal will as represented by Mars. However, Jupiter is also involved in this configuration and Jupiter is known as the “Great Liberator.”

One news headline today read “The Liberation of Karl Rove,” and perhaps it is the Jupiter influence on his chart that we are seeing with the end of speculation on his indictment. Karl Rove is a brilliant strategist, and just because there is not enough evidence to indict him doesn’t mean that he is no longer under suspicion. Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame are considering a civil suit against Rove. With Neptune having turned retrograde and Uranus following next week, I believe we have not seen the last of this situation.

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