Keith Olbermann astrologyKeith Olbermann became a folk hero when he was one of a very small number of media personnel that spoke out against the war in Iraq.  His popularity as host of the Countdown show on MSNBC was on the wane when he was fired last year by MSNBC and went to work for Al Gore at Current TV.   (You can read my original astrological profile of Keith Olbermann here.)

Olbermann’s progressed Sun just moved into Aries about two weeks ago.  Aries is the sign of initiation and independence, and Olbermann has always been stubborn (Mars in Taurus) and with a tendency towards vindictiveness (Mars opposite Scorpio Jupiter).  When the progressed Sun changes signs (which only happens every 30 years), there is a shift in attitude and the personality begins to take on the color of the new sign.

It’s an interesting astrological fact that the signs next to each other in the zodiac have nothing in common so when the progressed Sun moves from one sign to the next it is a really big shift.  In this case Olbermann is moving from Pisces, which generally seeks the path of least resistance and a path of peace.  This has likely moderated some of Olbermann’s natural tendency towards bossiness with that Mars/Jupiter opposition, but then when his progressed Sun moved into Aries the gloves would have come right off.

There aren’t any real details available yet about what happened behind the scenes, it will be interesting to learn what really happened.  Current TV is claiming excessive absences and it does appear that Olbermann was taking more vacations than usual.

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