Kennedy assassination astrologyUnless you’ve been asleep all day you will know that today marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  I have been a student of conspiracy theory since the 1980s, and there is a fantastic book called Crossfire that you must read if you want to discover all of the details in all of their suspicious glory.

The assassination on November 22, 1963 took place just as Uranus and Pluto were beginning their conjunction cycle that would eventually bring about the social upheaval and change that we now call “the sixties.”  The Vertex, the point of fate, was sandwiched between Uranus and Pluto, joining them together by association to create an event that would forever change the course of history. At the time Saturn (governmental structures) was squared by Neptune (delusion and deception), ensuring that a confusing veil would be cast over the entire event making it one of the great mysteries of our time.

I discovered something else that is quite significant – during the few years before the assassination, Pluto and the South Node were coming into alignment in the progressed chart of the United States.  Humans have charts that progress over time, and so do nations and anything that has a beginning at a specific moment in time.  (You might be interested in this long article about the history of the US progressed Sun.)

Pluto represents the force of destruction and decay that is followed by regeneration and new birth, and the South Node is a point in the passage of the Moon that represents the past, a karmic inheritance.  When Pluto and the South Node collide, there is often a debt that comes due, or a dramatic event that changes the course of the trajectory of fate from past to future.

The alignment of the South Node to Pluto had been moving into place for several years and aligned in exactitude in November of 1962 just after the Cuban missile crisis which was arguably a turning point in the Kennedy White House and an event which could have precipitated plans by pro-Cubans to collaborate with the Mob to assassinate the president.  There were other secrets (Pluto) threatening to destroy the fabric of the presidency: an affair with Marilyn Monroe and many others, devastating health problems.

At the time of the assassination transiting Pluto was in a challenging square aspect to the ascendant (the face or identity of the country) of the US progressed chart.  In addition, transiting Uranus (radical events with sudden change) made a hard square to Uranus in the US chart, signifying a revolutionary event of some kind.

There’s no doubt that the astrology of the time points to a significant event for the country.  Looking back, it appears that this single event began the unraveling of the repressive control over what appears as Truth and what is a lie in the US government.

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