In this hilarious article a NY teacher collected funny things her students said and posted them on Instagram. I decided to make this a teaching moment by taking some of the funniest ones and creating an imaginary astrological profile!  Enjoy.  😀

“I’m just going to put all the boys that want to marry me in a line and do eenie meenie miney mo.” Chloe, 4 years old.
– Sun in Aries, Venus in Libra, Mars in Scorpio

“I’m happy on the inside, I just don’t want to talk about it.”  anonymous, 5 years old.
– Saturn conjunct Taurus Sun

“If I don’t eat my snack right now I don’t think I’m going to make it.” anonymous, 6 years old.
Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter in Cancer square Ceres in Capricorn

“I can’t swim today, I just got a haircut.” anonymous, 5 years old
– stellium of six planets in Libra

“He looked at me so he’s my boyfriend.”  Opal, 5 years old.
– Sun, Mars and Venus in Scorpio with Aries rising

“I’m afraid of school because I’m allergic to people. Kai, 5 years old.
– Sun/Ascendant in Pisces conjunct Saturn

“Why does it have to be called a question Mark? Why can’t it be called a question David?” David, 5 years old.
– Gemini Sun with Leo rising

“Sweatshirt, that’s not a present!”  anonymous, 3 years old.
– Sun in Capricorn, Libra rising and Aries Moon. 

“I don’t know what it is, but every time boys look in my eyes they fall in love with me.” Moselle, 6 years old.
– Libra rising and Venus in Libra, Scorpio Moon

“I need a break from my feelings right now.” Enya, 7 years old
– Virgo Sun with Moon conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. 

“I don’t need to learn to type.  I’ll just be signing autographs when I grow up.” anonymous, 10 years old.
– Leo Sun, Leo rising, Sun conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn

“I’m too sad for pants.” Jameson, 2 years old
– Pisces Sun with Scorpio rising and Aquarius Moon

“I’m 8 years old in body but 1000 years old in spirit.” William, 8 or 1000 years old
– Capricorn Moon with Saturn conjunct Gemini Sun

“I’m weird but I know you like it.” anonymous, 7 years old
– Sun in Aquarius with Leo rising

“If you need me, I’ll be here! …but please don’t need me.” anonymous, 6 years old
– Cancer Sun with Sagittarius Moon

“When your heart is broken, it’s like a thunderstorm on the inside.” Joey, 5 years old
– Moon and Sun in Scorpio with Taurus rising

“So many feelings for one brain.” anonymous, 6 years old
– Double Pisces with Virgo rising

“I gave him pizza after I punched him.” anonymous, 5 years old
– Aries Sun with Cancer rising

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