Libra Full Moon The time of the Full Moon, when the Sun in the sky is exactly opposite the Moon from our vantage point on earth, is always a time for balance.  The Sun is our conscious Self – our goals, our visions, our ideas that combine to create our lives.  The Moon illustrates our instincts and our subconscious needs and desires – the emotions that can be murky but always real and true.

The lunar cycle is symbolic of the dance between our conscious awareness and the inner world of the emotions, a polarity which requires balance and integration just as all polarities in astrology do.  The entire wheel of the zodiac is a system of polarities, in which each pair of signs represent oppositional forces that require balance and integration.  The nodes of the Moon, which we look to for signals about the direction of our personal revolution, are in opposite signs and opposite houses and demonstrate the need, throughout our life, to balance these opposing forces.

Libra is the sign that embodies this principle.  Under Libra, the principle of balance and integration is at its strongest because Libra itself urges the understanding of elements that are in relationship to each other and the need to find balance between them.  We see this most easily in our own personal relationships, in which my needs (symbolized by Aries) may conflict with your needs.  The needs of the “I” and the “Other” must be balanced and integrated if healthy relationships are to occur.

When the Moon is full in Libra, it opposes the Aries Sun.  Under Libra we desire to connect with others, and Aries prefers independent action so this Full Moon requires that we find a balance between our more self-directed motivations from the powerful Aries influence this month, and our need for peace and harmony and connection, which is highlighted not only in this Libra Full Moon but also by Venus, Libra’s ruler, which is still in Pisces (the sign that longs to merge and dissolve boundaries).  Venus in Pisces is romantic and kind, but dislikes any separation yet this Full Moon requires that we be able to connect and separate, and then connect again.

An opposition of Mars (planet of action) to Saturn (planet of restriction), which culminates on the 18th, is embedded in the chart of the Full Moon which suggests  that our urges and desires (Mars) will not be able to operate unfettered by responsibility and a sense of self-discipline (Saturn).  This element could create a sense of frustration during the Full Moon period, which lasts for about three days after the exact lunar alignment.

Any Full Moon is a good time for emotional work, since the emotions are in the ascendancy with the bright Moon.  During this Full Moon you may want to examine where your own relationship life is out of balance.  Where are you letting your own needs take precedence over the needs of your loved ones?  Where do you give too much and neglect your own self?  The Libra Full Moon will help us to find that balance.

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