Full Moon in LibraVenus rules today under the Libra Full Moon which culminates at 10:25 pm Eastern time.  When the Moon is full, the light of our emotional interior as described by the Moon is more powerful than the light of the conscious mind as represented by the Sun, and there is a culmination of our hopes, dreams and desires.  In Libra the Moon craves partnership, balance and harmony.  There is a longing here for integration and a need for connection and peace.

The Libra Full Moon is opposite the Aries Sun, which is primarily driven by a need for self-assertion.  The Aries Sun seeks leadership and adventure and a positive expression of the aggressive instinct.  Under the influence of the Full Moon, this brash individuality must be balanced with the Libra desire for peace and harmony.

Pluto forms a challenging square to both the Sun and Moon in the chart of the lunation, suggesting that something must be surrendered in order for transformation to take place.  Whenever Pluto is involved there is a call to strip away the fluff and emerge naked in a state of Truth.

At its core, the tension between Libra and Aries is the need to achieve a balance between the Self and the Other.  This is one of the major defining principles of life on Earth, and any imbalance in this area of our lives at this time will be revealed now as something to work through and master.  Pluto’s goal is to bring us into our full empowerment, and in this lunation (lunar event) any power imbalance in relationships of any kind will be revealed.

Venus is in a nearly exact harmonious sextile to Neptune during the lunation, and very tightly sextile to Chiron as well, strengthening its influence now.  Venus and Neptune are closely related; in fact Neptune is often called the “higher octave” of Venus.  Where Venus represents love and affection, Neptune’s domain includes what could be called “higher love” – divine compassion and transcendence of the human limitations of love and relating.  There is a flowing creativity present in this lunar event that will be very useful for dreamwork or spiritual experience through conscious intent.

Venus is also exactly, to the minute, in a semi-sextile (or 30 degree) aspect to Uranus which suggests the need for adjustment as something new and different (Uranus) enters the picture and begins to create change.

This Full Moon is the culmination of a cycle that began with the New Moon in Pisces two weeks ago.  We began with a focus on an inner flow that transcends personal experience, and now we find ourselves in a balance that is very strongly personal – the balance between the Self and the Other.  Any kind of spiritual balance requires conscious attention and presence, and today’s Full Moon is a particularly beautiful opportunity to find that balance.

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