Libra New Moon

“Justice – Sun Moon Tarot”

The Sun and Moon converge in the sign of Libra this week, showering New Moon blessings that pack a real punch.  Libra is associated with relationships and ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty so the importance of aesthetics and harmony is highlighted in this New Moon.  But Libra is represented by the scales of balance that requires an equal and opposite reaction to every action.  The act of bringing disharmonious energies into harmony is the lesson of Libra.

Under a Libra New Moon we forge new partnerships and find new ways to bring more beauty into our lives. Under the Libra influence, everything around us becomes a mirror reflection of our inner world.  It’s important to understand the interconnectedness between what we experience within, and what we draw into our lives from the outside.  This New Moon can aid in this understanding and facilitate our ability to alchemize every outer experience into a tool for soul transformation.

Lucky Jupiter is nearly exactly aligned with the New Moon, offering a gift of abundance and good luck with a sprinkling of confidence.  The combination of Jupiter and Libra is typically a happy one, full of optimism and an open heart.  But Venus rules the Libra New Moon, and Venus is in the powerful sign of Scorpio.  In Scorpio, Venus drops her guise as the “Goddess of Love” and is revealed as Inanna/Ishtar/Astarte – primal goddess of the power of love as well as war.  In the chart of this New Moon, Scorpio Venus aligns with the Black Moon Lilith, symbol of a primal feminine power (the Dark Feminine) that has long been a subject of fear and ridicule.

Carl Jung writes of the Dark Feminine:

In pilgrimage to the shrine of darkness, something is attempting to come into fuller consciousness.  Through pilgrimage, the rites of mourning are asking to be lived; death is seeking to be fully embraced as part of life; the dark sister, the dark feminine, is asking to be honored.

This New Moon offers an opportunity for all of us, men and women, to dive fearlessly into the depths of the subconscious and find the roots of our own inner power.  From the roots of that sacred inner strength comes the ability to overcome the cloud of fear and to experience the blessings of love and joy.  No less is the lesson of this Libra New Moon.


  • Where in my life have I been ruled by fear?  “I release my fears and emerge into my life, ready to embrace all that I am given and all that I wish for. 
  • Have I released all of my negative patterning about my self worth? “I am a beautiful child of the Universe, worthy of all of the love that I wish for.” 
  • What do I desire in my relationships? “I easily give and receive love and my marriage/partnership/relationships are sources of great satisfaction.”
  • Where have I surrendered my power in order to get along? “I relax in the comfort of a feeling of empowerment in every aspect of my life.”

(The New Moon occurs at 8:11 pm Eastern on September 30th and in the wee hours of October 1st GMT)

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