Sagittarius Full MoonEvery New Moon brings a new beginning with the new lunar cycle.  The Sun and the Moon come together in an alchemical conjunctio – the reunification of the masculine conscious force (Sun) with the instinctive lunar feminine (Moon).  When this new beginning occurs in Sagittarius, the sign of adventure and ideas and meaning and just plain fun, we have the opportunity to bring in more zest and gusto.  Suddenly we are aware of unlimited possibilities, and our view across the future is longer and more encouraging.

The symbolism of the New Moon is even more powerful since the both the Sun and Moon are at the very first degree of Sagittarius.  A New Moon at the first degree of a sign is very symbolic of a fresh new energy coming into our lives and sweeping away the old. Under the influence of Scorpio the dead and dying aspects of our lives were immolated in fire, and now under Sagittarius the old is swept away and a new expansive way of looking at the world emerges.

Sagittarius is very social and of course the Sagittarius time usually coincides with holiday parties. At the Sagittarius New Moon we are invited to look beyond that which we think is possible – to aim our arrow of destiny beyond our ideas of our own limitations and explore the furthest reaches imaginable. Love is important at this New Moon, with Venus aligned in conjunction to the Sun and Moon. We can do more, be more, ask more, love more, feel more, than we ever believed possible.

However, a restrictive influence provides a sense of caution as Mercury, still in Scorpio, aligns with Saturn. This adds a bit of a schizophrenic influence to the New Moon – on the one hand we feel the call of our destiny and desire nothing more than to follow its siren song. On the other, the Mercury/Saturn alignment gives us any number of reasons not to even try. Many of us have a similar dynamic in our own astrological charts so this may sound familiar. Balance and integration is the key – follow your heart and the inspiration to extend beyond what you imagine to be possible. But be sensible and practical, at the same time.

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