Lindsey Lohan has been blessed with beauty and success, but over the past year she has become the subject of tabloid headlines. Most recently she was arrested for drunk driving and the possible possession of cocaine.

(See birthchart link.) Lindsey was born under the sign of Cancer – symbolized by the crab, Cancerians are sensitive, emotional, and can be prickly. Lindsey’s Sun is opposed by Neptune, the misty planet that represents creativity and spirituality but also the blurring of boundaries, showing her ability to slip in and out of acting roles but also a tendency to lose her sense of self (represented by the Sun). Lindsey’s Moon (emotional security) is in Taurus (stability and pleasure), showing that she needs stability and material security in order to feel emotional secure, and it interacts
harmoniously with her drive for success as shown by Mars (drive and boundaries) in Capricorn (hard work and success). Jupiter (where we find meaning in life) in Lindsey’s chart is in sensitive and creative Pisces, giving her an added sensitivity and empathy to the needs of others.

Lindsay is a radical at heart – her chart shows Jupiter (planet of expansion) is locked in a battle with rebellious Uranus. Stressful aspects of Jupiter indicate a person whose confidence is somewhat overblown and there is often arrogance present there. Uranus in the chart creates an urge for dramatic and sudden changes; there is a strong need to defy convention and be one’s own person. The small planet Chiron is also involved in that battle with both Jupiter and Uranus, increasing her emotional sensitivity and suggesting that her need for expansion (Jupiter) and liberation (Uranus) are essential to her ability to heal the painful wounds of her past (Chiron). Unfortunately, it also shows a tendency to run from problems rather than face them head-on.

This dynamic in Lindsay’s chart has been put in a pressure cooker under a planetary cycle of transiting Uranus over this sensitive system of her chart. This is a long-term cycle that began in April of this year and will continue until March of 2009, but it is particularly strong now because of the addition of transiting Jupiter to the mix. A transit of Jupiter gives us optimism and confidence but it can also stimulate recklessness because we have little concern for the outcome of our actions. The Jupiter influence will continue for Lindsay into the fall.

Also this fall, a series of both harmonious and challenging Saturn transits will bring Lindsay down to earth and she is likely to find more discipline at that time. If we don’t face the reality of our life during a Saturn transit we can be faced with difficulties, so it may be that this discipline is enforced on her as a result of her excessive behavior. But Saturn rewards our hard work, and if she is smart or lucky she will find the discipline within herself to face her responsibilities which will help to facilitate her continued success.

This is interesting in light of my previous ramblings on the Saturn/Uranus square which creates a tension between liberation and conservatism, only for Lindsay this comes in transit form rather than natal aspects. It will be interesting to see how she handles the pressure of Saturn when it comes this fall in tandem with the longer-term Uranus cycle.

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