Lindsey Lohan is an extremely gifted young actress; blessed with good looks, brains and talent she began modeling at the age of three. She acted in over 60 television commercials, and achieved early success at the age of twelve in a starring dual role in the film, The Parent Trap. However, over the past year Lindsey has become better known for her tabloid headlines than for her considerable acting skills and success.

Lindsey was born under the sign of Cancer – symbolized by the crab, Cancerians are sensitive, emotional, and can be prickly. Lindsey’s Sun is opposed by Neptune, the misty planet that represents creativity and spirituality but also the blurring of boundaries, showing her ability to
slip in and out of acting roles but also a tendency to lose her sense of self (represented by the Sun). Lindsey’s Moon (emotional security) is in Taurus (stability and pleasure), showing that she needs stability and material security in order to feel emotional secure, and it interacts
harmoniously with her drive for success as shown by Mars (drive and boundaries) in Capricorn (hard work and success). Jupiter (where we find meaning in life) in Lindsey’s chart is in sensitive and creative Pisces, giving her an added sensitivity and empathy to the needs of others.

Lindsey’s chart shows five planets in retrograde motion, meaning that at the time of her birth they were appearing to move backwards from our perspective on earth. This is relatively rare, and shows an individual whose attention is primarily turned inwards. Lindsey feels a great deal of empathy towards others, but she likely finds it difficult to make strong connections because
of this inward facing dynamic. This may play a major role in her very public conflicts with others. In addition, Mercury (communication) in her chart is in Leo, showing a person with great confidence in her opinion, and it is in a stressful aspect with Pluto (compulsion and obsession). The Pluto/Mercury square at best shows an individual with a probing mind and
great intelligence, but at its worst someone who can be cruel and ruthless in their speech.

Lindsey first hit the tabloids in 2003 with her highly publicized fueled with fellow actress Hillary Duff over Aaron Carter. Over the past year she has been in the headlines feuding with Paris Hilton, Brandon Davis and most recently Sean Combs (aka P Diddy). Her father, who spent most of Lindsey’s preteen years in prison for securities fraud, went back to prison for
attempted assault. Also last year, Lindsey was involved in an auto collision in May while attempting to escape a photographer, and in October another collision left her shaking and upset. Last June she was hospitalized after a bout with bulimia that nearly killed her.

Lindsey went through several major planetary event cycles last year involving Saturn and Neptune that challenged her sense of security (Saturn) and created confusion and illusion (Neptune). (For more information about these cycles, see Jeffrey Kishner’s article on this topic.) In addition, Pluto (death of ego and transformation) completed its pass over a sensitive point in her chart and forcing her to deal with unresolved emotional wounds. This year she is being strongly affected by Chiron (healing), and she will begin to incorporate the lessons she has learned over the past few years. There is a saying “To whom much is given, much is expected” and this is certainly true of Lindsey Lohan. She has been through more at the age of 20 than most people by the time they turn 40, but I am certain that we will see great things from this young person.

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