Astrologer Shelley Ackerman has kindly been posting the data for the nomination of the two major presidential candidates in the US election on Facebook.  Donald Trump’s nomination took place July 21, 2016 at 10:19 pm in Cleveland Ohio, and Hillary Clinton’s nomination took place July 28, 2016 at 10:47 pm in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

The use of an astrological chart for an event is called “mundane astrology” and it is not my particular specialty.  Still, it can provide some helpful insight into the energies behind events and help to increase our understanding.  The chart for the nomination and acceptance of the candidacy IS the chart for the candidacy itself.


The nomination chart for Donald Trump has the first degree Pisces rising which is not a very strong factor in an election chart.  Pisces is about letting go and surrender, it can be magical in the appropriate setting but can also denote confusion and obuscation.  The Sun, at the last degree of Cancer forms not a trine but an awkward quincunx to the Moon which is another message that the machinery behind the candidacy is not working well, with unresolved conflicts and lack of harmony.  The Aquarius Moon has just made a challenging square to Mars which in Scorpio which it rules is at its most powerful, harnessing the aggressive force to be utilized except that the Moon is “void of course” which is a very weak factor in an event chart and suggests that the candidacy will not gain traction and is likely to flounder.

As we have seen, Trump’s personality is driven by the presence of Mars, the god of war, on his spotlight-loving Leo ascendant.  So Mars is very strong in his chart, but his Mars is opposite the Moon in the nomination chart – a challenging placement that could lead to his simply blowing up the candidacy. His Pluto (domination and power) is conjunct Venus in the nomination chart which leads me to predict that his relationships in the campaign (such as VP pick Mike Pence) are likely to blow up as well.

Clinton’s nomination chart is much stronger and Shelley proposes that it is too exact not to have had

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the intervention of a competent astrologer.  Aries is rising at 6 degrees, exactly trine the Leo Sun – a harmony of fire that both energizes and motivates. The Gemini Moon harmonizes with both the Sun and the Aries ascendant, coalescing conversations (Gemini) in productive ways that help to move the campaign forward. A harmonious trine from Uranus (innovation) to Mercury (communication) echoes this theme of positive communication except that aggressive Mars forms a tight square to both Venus and Mercury which could indicate infighting (Mars/Venus) and a great deal of ideological strife both from within the campaign and from outside (Mars/Mercury).

Clinton’s nomination chart works better with her natal chart than Trump’s does, with more positive aspects and fewer stressful ones.

Predicting the future using astrology is a fool’s game, in my ever so humble opinion.  There are so many factors which are unseen and unpredictable, and life itself is nearly impossible to quantify.  However, looking at this factor alone certainly suggests that the Clinton campaign is likely to run more smoothly and undergo fewer difficulties than Trump’s.


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