This morning I sat down to set my goals for the year, something I used to do New Year’s Day but due to various social obligations this sacred process has now been relegated to the 2nd day of January instead.

At any rate, I have my lists of goals from every year going back to 1990, the year I was divorced, when I went through the Tony Robbins 30 day program in about 5 days and set economic and personal development goals and goals for “things.” Amazingly, very few of these things that I set my sights for have not occurred.

Those that have come true: Custom built house in the country on 5 acres with a pond (just like the goal I set), 10 rental houses in good neighborhoods, cruises to islands, shopping trips every year , rewarding relationship (married 6 years now), gain more confidence, develop a positive attitude, accumulate substantial retirement and savings account.

Those I’m still working on:   Mastery of French, healthier eating habits, better time management, learn to relax and let go to the flow of life.

This year I’m adding to the list:  Be present in every moment to appreciate the fullness of life, even in those more difficult times when I want to be somewhere else. Take a more active role in working to change things for the better starting in my own home and branching out to family, friends, my community, my country, my planet, and… you get the idea! It’s so easy to become discouraged when faced with difficulties that seem insurmountable, but experience has taught me that hidden in the most difficult experience is a golden nugget of light, a gift of wisdom and presence that can illuminate the darkest night and begin to create the changes that we all want to see in the world.

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