I am a big believer in the abundance of the universe, and I’m very comfortable with the prosperity that my hard work brings into my life. I do charge for my astrological services, and my clients don’t seem to object. For those with limited funds I offer free mini-readings and hourly sessions at reduced rates. But when I see something like this it turns my stomach.

I came to this site from a link titled “Ascension Astrology” in Dermod’s astrology link feed. I am personally undergoing some interesting effects arising from excursions into multidimensional consciousness and many of my clients are experiencing something similar, so I thought this site might offer clues into the process of expanding consciousness. Instead I find this:

Ascension Astrology
Make 50%, = $22.62, selling reports on customers highest potentials with ascended unique astrological aspects in the new energy!

In my view, this goes beyond the boundaries of astrological ethics. Although I don’t charge for the astrological information that I share with the public I don’t object to other professional astrologers that support themselves in this way, but this kind of blatant exploitation should be avoided.

We are experiencing a global time shift, and incidences of anxiety and panic attacks as well as other psychiatric disorders are on the rise. Along with the consciousness changes it appears another dimension of scam artists is opening as well.

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