JM, as always, has an interesting take on the current Mars/Pluto opposition:

Anybody getting into verbal quarrels deeper than ususal these days? Mars in Gemini (communication) will be spending the whole week closing in on the opposition to Pluto (death) in Sagittarius. People are dying to be understood. Speech is primary to human survival, coming from the cry in the throat for nourishment, and never is it more obvious than when this opposition comes around. And never is the truth more anxious to be revealed, the pretense stripped.

Mars is action and Pluto draws upon hidden reserves so force in articulation rules the day. For some people, exceptional insights are coming along with the courage to speak up. For others, hurtful words are being thrust with excess force and some can’t control what they say. Another problem with Pluto is the inability to find satisfaction, so the points might be forced repeatedly with the sharp sword of Mars, still missing the response some are hoping for, the power of their words escaping no matter how hard they try. Torrential verbiage can result and major misunderstandings. Of course, some people are speaking with clarity, honesty, extra perception, and Marsian accuracy. And best of all, some people are witnessing and comprehending themselves.

We are certainly seeing quite a bit of this verbal barrage in the news: the French escalating their rhetoric against Iran, Greenspan coming out and revealing ::SHOCK!!:: that the war in Iraq was about oil (gee, what took him so long??), and the footing of Musharraf in Pakistan becoming ever more tenuous.

Hang on everyone, it’s going to be a bit of a bumpy ride for the next few months!

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