Scorpio Full MoonNow that the Grand Cross is beginning to unwind there is a bit more movement and a sense of increased possibilities rather than that feeling of being stuck in crisis that so many of us have had over the past few months.

Mars is at a virtual standstill, so if it (at 9-10 degrees Libra) is hitting a sensitive point in your chart or the charts of those around you, there could still be some eruptions as frustrations build to a peak and find release.

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and we have a Scorpio Full Moon coming up on May 14th so the influence of Mars is increased exponentially.  Mars of course was the god of war, and nobody really likes war except for the most aggressive of warriors.  And it’s true that Mars inspires aggression and anger, but it also creates enthusiasm and motivates and inspires us.

Because Mars is still blocked by the other planets of the Grand Cross its expression is not as complete as it might otherwise be which means some conscious effort is required to unlock it so that we can utilize it well rather than become frustrated by it.  Essentially that means moving our bodies and releasing any stuck energy through physical activity wherever possible.  If we feel fatigued that often means that Mars is not being able to fire its energy through the physical body, and moving our body through walking, dance, yoga, or any other way that we enjoy will help to release the blocks so that that energy can move freely and inspire and motivate.

Under the Scorpio Full Moon the passion of Mars will become even more pronounced, but that passion may be more internalized as a deep desire to unlock hidden truths and secrets.  The expression of Mars is most direct when expressed through its other sign, Aries – in Scorpio that aggressive force becomes more hidden, more secretive.  Issues of power and dominance are more important in Scorpio, and this is one of the themes of this week’s Full Moon.

Mercury has just moved into its own sign of Gemini, and Mercury was the only one of the gods who was enabled to travel into the Underworld in ancient mythology.  Translating our experiences through the mind (Mercury) and attempting to communicate those experiences directly to those around us (Gemini) will help us to get the most out of this Full Moon’s energy.

Mars and Scorpio are all about passion and drive, and the ways in which we find and express them.  This is no time to sit on the sidelines – make every moment count!

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