Mars entered the watery sign of Pisces yesterday, where it seeks to adapt and flow rather than assert its own energy. Mars, our aggressive instinct, is rather ineffective in Pisces where though very creative it is less able to assert the desire nature as Mars is supposed to do. Pisces seeks the path of least resistance to bliss, and Mars in Pisces can tend to suppress that aggressive urge in order to flow. There is potential here for passive aggressive behaviors and hidden agendas, particularly with the opposition between Saturn and Neptune still in force. Still, there can be a powerful compassion and desire (Mars) for peace (Pisces) over the next month or so.

Jupiter turned retrograde on April 5, and now there are three planets in retrograde motion. When planets appear to be moving backwards, or retrograde, we tend to go back into the past to finish ideas or events that are not yet complete. It is quite common for there to be three planets retrograde, and at this time we have Jupiter and Pluto which just turned retrograde along with Saturn, which has been retrograde since December. Saturn retrograde periods tend to slow everything down and create blockages in areas where more work is needed, and when Jupiter is retrograde we tend to look backwards rather than forwards, looking back at lost opportunities. Under Jupiter retrograde we may feel that we have lost our way unless we make a conscious effort to deepen our faith in life and spirit.

When Pluto is retrograde we must face unresolved issues from the past in order to move into the future. Because Pluto teaches courage and power it uses our fears as a classroom and forces us to align ourselves with our evolutionary pathway. On a global level, unresolved tensions come to a head and demand completion. Pluto will be virtually stationary through the end of the year, moving at a snail’s pace between 26 and 28 degrees of Sagittarius. During this process it conjuncts the Galactic Center, a phenomenon which historically has caused a huge shift in the direction of human development.

Saturn is trine Jupiter over the next couple of months, a lovely combination which unites the discipline and order of Saturn with the optimism and faith of Jupiter. This will help to offset the temporary effect of Mercury which squares Pluto tomorrow, bringing up dark thoughts and dangerous ideas. Mercury is sextile Venus as well, another softening influence that will help us to utilize interpersonal communication to facilitate any difficulties that arise.

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