Art by Jacquelyn Gordon. Mars entered Scorpio yesterday, and will be traveling through the sign that carries us into the Underworld through November 16.  Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio – it helps to define the fiery emotional depths to which we descend when we are influenced by this magical sign.  The modern ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld.  Scorpio rules the time of Halloween – the ancient Samhain festival and the various Days of the Dead, where the veil between the worlds becomes thin and interdimensional communication becomes a reality rather than a mystery.

Mars is the planet of war, and its dominion is aggression, passion, drive and desire.  For that reason it rules the pure physical desire of sexuality.  In Scorpio, it takes on an added emotional depth and intensity and a desire that is transformed from the purely physical to an intense need to lose oneself and become transformed in the process.  Like the Phoenix which is one of Scorpio’s symbols, the fire becomes so focused and burns so powerfully that we are turned to dust, and emerge anew from the rubble.

Mars in Scorpio erupts now unaspected by any other planet – its influence is pure and strong. There is a need for courage and a need to face the grotesque and obscene without flinching.  No other planet will aspect Mars until the 26th of October when it squares the Nodes of the Moon and Chiron, so its energy is unadulterated and simple in its power.

Power and complete transformation of our desire nature is the lesson with Mars in Scorpio – it’s all too easy to summon our power and blow it away with a fast-burning Mars explosion of desire and need.  In Scorpio, the fire simmers and gathers intensity as we learn to master the expression of this power within us without allowing it to burn us from within.  We become the fire; we merge with the rage and become transformed.

Handling all of this energy isn’t easy for everyone as rage and anger are liberated now, seeking expression.  This will be more difficult for those of us who are having transits of this powerful Mars to our own planets in the fixed signs of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by this Scorpio Mars, remember how it feels to ride an ocean wave: if you stand firm against it, you’ll be knocked into the sand.  Instead, dive into the wave and become one with it.  Allow it to permeate your very being, and feel its power.  Resistance is the painful thing – surrender is the key.

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