Mars snuck into Taurus on the 24th, leaving behind the brash confidence of Aries where it is most at home. In the story of the tortoise and the hare Mars in Aries is represented by the hare, who after boasting that he was the fastest runner ended up losing the race because in his reckless confidence he lay down to take a nap. Mars in Taurus is the tortoise: slow and plodding but with deliberate tenacity: persistent and stubborn until he reaches his goal.

Mars in Taurus is said to be in its “fall,” meaning it is at its weakest in Taurus because the action principle of Mars is inhibited by the fixed earthiness of Taurus. While it’s true that there is inhibition of the Martian principle in Taurus, I don’t see this as a bad thing. When Mars is slowed down and forced to adhere to a disciplined structure as it does in Taurus, it draws more power and energy and its power can be expressed in a way that is more sustained and consistent.

Still, overindulgence is a danger of Mars in the pleasure loving sign of Taurus and we may find ourselves seeking the easy pleasure of sweets and other sensual delights. There is also increased acquisitiveness as Mars drives us to the acquisition of property of which Taurus is so fond.

Mars makes no aspects to other planets over the next week or so, making this a good time for active endeavors. For an excellent take on the tortoise and hare story with more inspiration on winning the race, check out this post.

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