Mars in LibraYou will be reading lots of stuff in the astrological news about the dangers of Mars in Libra as it collides with the Uranus/Pluto square (see the sidebar for more information about this cycle).  I wrote a bit about this last week and felt after reading the comments that it’s probably a good idea to talk more about Mars moving into Libra in early December and what that will mean for the Uranus/Pluto cycle and the tension that many of us have been experiencing.

There’s no denying that Uranus/Pluto cycles are periods of great change, and we have been going through great astrological changes ever since 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn, a 20-year shift of energy that created contraction and destruction of any foundation that did not have a firm footing.  Then along comes Uranus in 2011 and 2012, destabilizing and creating resistance and radical change.  This is big stuff and was bound to have an impact.

It is important to understand that the Universe is continually striving for balance.  If we pay attention we can see this at work in our personal lives.  For example, the person who hates their job but is afraid to leave it.  Finally they are fired and while they may see this as the worst thing that could ever happen to them, ultimately it can be a liberation to free them from a negative situation. Clients will tell me “Oh, that was a terrible time” but upon further investigation it becomes clear that while very disruptive events occurred, and it was an uncomfortable time, these events ultimately created change that had positive impacts for the rest of that person’s life.

The archetype of Mars is the “God of War.”  This gives Mars dominion over the human quality of aggression and the emotion of rage, but it also helps us to define boundaries and defend ourselves. Mars has been called “the lesser malefic” but it is also the desire nature – the drive that gets us out of bed in the morning and instills excitement and eagerness to make something happen.  When Mars is repressed or afflicted in the natal chart it becomes more difficult to express, resulting in fatigue or health problems.

Mars is said to be in its detriment in Libra, meaning it is not very happy there.  Rather than be directly obnoxious, as Mars prefers to be, Mars in Libra covers its irritation and anger with a veneer of Libran polish so that it can be difficult to really see the truth that lies beneath.

Mars transits usually last only a day or two and therefore don’t cause too much trouble.  But Mars does act as a trigger for larger cycles, stimulating a crisis that necessitates a resolution.  Mars enters Libra on December 9, 2013, but it doesn’t begin to interact with Uranus and Pluto until mid-December.   Uranus is pretty potent at that time because it is stationary in the sky as it prepares to change direction (turn direct), so the radical influence of Uranus will be powerful then.

During the week before Christmas Day, Mars will trigger the restlessness of Uranus and potentially instigate reckless behavior in an effort to throw off any shackles that feel oppressive.  We can imagine that in the usual stress of family Christmas eve dinners, this will create some interesting times as long-simmering resentments come to the surface.  Because Mars is in Libra it will not act as explosively as it would do in a more fiery sign, but this is likely to be a powerful time of truth-telling and revelations.  While this may spoil Christmas dinner, these kinds of crises can create lasting positive change in all kinds of relationships including marriages and business partnerships.

Just after Christmas, the Sun and Mercury begin to align with Pluto and by New Year’s Eve Mars aligns in an exact square to the Sun, Mercury and Pluto.  This period between Christmas and New Years certainly does have the potential to be challenging and any distress that began to arose around Christmas eve when Mars was opposite Uranus is likely to erupt into open conflict.

It’s also possible that there will be an eruption of violence around the world as Mars triggers simmering conflicts and disturbances.  Remember, the planets don’t create crises – they simply reveal them so that healing can take place and our lives can become rebalanced.  This entire cycle will last around ten days, so it’s not a huge period of time.  But the fact that it falls on the holidays, when we are typically with families and dealing with old wounds and issues, is likely to create triggers for those old issues to emerge.  Personally, I think that’s not a bad thing – it promotes healing and balance.

During intense Mars times it’s helpful to keep active so that the Mars energy can be channeled and released and doesn’t build up in ways that can challenge our personal interactions.  Over the holidays, organize a hike or a walk through the mall – keep everyone busy.  Accidents are common as we can become more reckless during Mars/Uranus times, and road rage and other eruptions of anger are typical during Mars/Pluto times.  Drive more defensively – stay present in the moment and focused on what you are doing.

I’ll post a reminder in December, but wanted you to be aware and prepared!  Mars will remain in Libra until July 26, 2014 and will retrograde in March, returning to face off against Uranus and Pluto in April and May.  More about that in the months to come.

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