Iran is in the news again as new anti-government protests result in a tough crackdown by that country’s military.  The Wall Street Journal writes: “Authorities appear concerned that the protest movement could pick up new steam after Monday’s demonstrations. Students have revitalized protests that erupted after the June re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which the opposition says he won by rigging the vote.”
I’ve written several posts (see the one from June here and the one from September here) about the astrology of these protests, mostly relating to the transit of Saturn (constriction) and Uranus (revolution) which have both been challenging Mars (anger and war) in the chart of Iran.  In those cases Saturn was equally powerful to Uranus and the crackdowns were successful.
That may not continue, however, because as transiting Mars, which stimulates aggression and loosens the restrictions that we keep on our anger, slows down to make a “station” (standstill) in a tight conjunction to the ascendant in the chart of Iran, the aggression that is simmering under the surface in the people will continue to erupt throughout the month of December.
Transiting Uranus will return to irritate the anger of the people in February through April as it returns to make the final  challenging conjunction to Mars as well as Mercury (thoughts and ideas) in the Iran chart.  Transiting Jupiter (expansion and freedom) will step in beginning in May and exacerbate the situation and at the same time, transiting Uranus (stimulating rebellion and the quest for authenticity) will harmonize with Jupiter (religion and ideas) in the national chart.
Taken together, there is a lot of energy here for liberation and breaking free of the restrictions of the past and establishing something new.  A change in the governance in Iran would transform the entire dynamic of the middle east and the rest of the world.
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