Mars went into Scorpio just before the New Moon, and will remain in Scorpio until mid-September.

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio (as well as Aries), and when Pluto was discovered it was assigned as co-ruler of Scorpio.  Mars is the planet of war, and its dominion is aggression, passion, drive and desire.  For that reason it rules the pure physical desire of sexuality.  In Scorpio, it takes on an added emotional depth and intensity and a desire that is transformed from the purely physical to an intense need to lose oneself and become transformed in the process.  Like the Phoenix which is one of Scorpio’s symbols, the fire becomes so focused and burns so powerfully that we are turned to dust, and emerge anew from the rubble.

I consider Pluto to be the “higher octave” of Mars – where Mars rules the expression of the individual Will, Pluto acts as the will of the higher self – guiding and creating transformation in spite of what our own personal desires may be.  Usually after an intense Pluto transit we recognize that the changes that occurred during that time were really for our benefit and probably not something that we would have chosen for ourselves.  Like when we are fired from a job and then realize we were miserable and that freed us to find something better.  Or when we have a terrible accident and discover a great gift or talent as a result.

Scorpio is passionate and intense and has little patience for superficiality.  As a water sign it is concerned with the realm of feelings, but the fire of Mars adds the passion and ability to cut through fear and instill courage.   When Mars is in Scorpio there is little patience for anything less than the Real Truth, and most of us will be faced with the need to cut through the fluff and debris that fills our lives.

Mars will harmonize with Neptune in early August which will help to soften the intensity a bit and enhance our intuition and compassion.  The depth of Mars in Scorpio helps to give definition to the Neptunian desire to transcend and create, so this is a wonderful time for artists.

By the end of August Mars will align with Saturn and trine Chiron which will reveal a new face to the Mars dynamic: the teacher and healer.  Under this aspect we will find ourselves in situations that take us deep into the subconscious realms to search for truths that offer freedom and healing.  The combination of Mars and Saturn can be somewhat frustrating as things don’t unfold exactly the way we want them to.  But overall this can be a very positive planetary combination.

Essentially the thing to remember with Mars in Scorpio is that a courageous willingness to face the things we normally hide from will be important and useful.  This can be a bit difficult but in the end will pay off in personal growth, better relationships, and a greater ability to clarify and manifest your own will and desires.

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