Mars has been traveling retrograde since March 1st, and on the 17th it will change direction again.  Planets don’t really orbit backwards, but astrologers observe the motion of the planets from our perspective on earth and watch as they periodically APPEAR to move backwards.  A retrograde planet works underground, causing us to look backwards and repair the past – retrogrades offer us a Mulligan – a do-over if you will.

Mars will turn direct on May 19th, and for the past week or two it has been at a virtual standstill.  We call this “stationary,” and when a plant appears stationary in the sky its influence is at a peak.  Mars energizes us and motivates us to follow our dreams and desires – when thwarted it turns that energy into anger and ultimately rage.  When Mars is stationary it can be difficult to motivate ourselves and we may feel that we are stuck.  Just be patient: in another week the wheels will begin rolling again and forward movement will become easier.

At the same time we have a Grand Trine of planets that smooths all of the rough edges and assists us as we find our ways out of the difficult waters of the past few months.  Jupiter (abundance and opportunity) is exactly trine Chiron, opening pathways to the healing process which ultimate liberates us from the bondage of our wounds (Chiron) and helps us to gain greater realization and wisdom.   Later in the month, Jupiter will trine Saturn, forging stability and linking an optimistic viewpoint (Jupiter) with the ability to work hard and create solid structures (Saturn) – a combination that is the key to successfully navigating life’s joys and challenges.

Unfortunately, supportive planetary events don’t do all of the work.  Doors may open, but we must walk through them with eyes wide open and a readiness to change our own patterns and belief so that our world may change as well.

The page from where I borrowed this image also has a wonderful poem by Sherry Puricelli that is perfect for the topic of today’s post.  Enjoy this portion and follow the link for the full poem.

Noticing the wrinkle in Maya’s veil
I reach upward, grasping it, shaking it loose,
and smoothing it out so all can see
the in-between space
and Divinity hiding in plain sight.
With my feet on the ground
I reach high into the heavens,
retrieving the gods and goddesses within the cosmos
and bringing them home
through dreams, ritual and ceremony.

I’m a gateway
bridging the worlds
between seen and unseen,
inner and outer,
life and the dream.

In my natural state,
I create a space for the Infinite to enter,
to guide,
to comfort,
to ignite my internal flame.
This fire burns inside me
infusing sweetness of my heart’s yearning
with the depths of my being…

My soul’s force paws at the ground
waiting to be released,
answering to no external authority.
Something inside has been awakened
that can be contained no longer.

Truth seeks expression through me.
My creativity takes on a life of its own;
though I attempt to embody it,
to harness it,
and ride it into form.
Instead it changes me
from the inside, out.

-Copyright Sherry Puricelli, 2013



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