I like what Melody has to say on Venus retrograding in Virgo:

Because I have a Virgo Moon, a friend of mine who gave me my first real astrology reading told me the story of how Native Americans would weave a beautiful white blanket but intentionally leave a yellow bead towards the middle as a reminder that nothing is perfect. The journey that Venus in Virgo puts us on is the same. In learning to understand humankind’s imperfections, there is a softening and acceptance of each person’s unfolding path and its inherent cosmic perfection, including our own and our ability to accept that less pure with the pure. And so the highest energies of Venus in Virgo include gentleness, kindness, service, caring, altruism, and a love for ourselves and for all humanity, as we are all one in the end.

This theme parallels Virgo retrograde, those rare periods of introspection where we are inwardly adjusting and focused on our relationship with others and ourselves. Resources and values are an extension of this in the sense that we value what we think we need in terms of others and resources (such as money) to survive and feel secure.

There are many questions that may come up during the next week. Perhaps we need to rebel against societal expectations so that we can feel good about staying true to our own values. Perhaps we are being challenged to examine how we are being critical of our failures, or adjust our thinking towards looking at the changes that would bring harmony and self-love back into our lives. Perhaps we need to look at areas where there is guilt looming heavily in the background and adjust our perspective so that we can let the guilt go. Guilt is a very toxic emotion and sometimes is warranted to herd one back to a higher path, but often is acquired through impersonal expectations and conditionings of others and society. To buy into the guilt is to be controlled. Perhaps this is a time to see how one’s judgments and self-acceptance or lack of are affecting the areas of one’s life that are being influenced by this transit.

This is a time to learn and grow. I would suggest that whatever your last year has brought, this point on your chart is the place of healing, self-love, and a purer more perfect sense of yourself.

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