HuffPo blogger Sheldon Drobny comments on Mercury Retrograde:

The global crisis has intensified recently with the recent Israeli military incursions into Gaza and Lebanon. This intensity of human crisis has fallen into an astronomical period in which the planet Mercury is in retrograde. In astronomical terms, retrograde is a time when the planets appear to have a backward movement in the sky.


Those who wrote scripture in ancient times and those who followed the planets as well may have observed coincidental astronomical occurrences that helped explain their perception of an irrational world. And it may be that when Mercury is in retrograde, there are forces of nature that effect the human condition in profound ways during that period that cannot be explained by traditional science. But, it is important for us to understand that those in power who are exploiting a perceived crisis are transitory. As was the fiction of WMDs in Iraq, the fiction of organized world wide terrorism will be exposed by the empirical evidence and those false leaders will lose their power. And as the astrologers advise about Mercury in retrograde, “this too shall pass.”

Slowly but surely, real astrology is permeating into mainstream culture.

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