Mercury is just about to go retrograde as I write this. Mercury is in Aquarius where it rules technology, innovation and electricity, and it will remain in Aquarius throughout the retrograde period. Mercury retrograding back through Aquarius could make it difficult to move forward with implementing new technologies, so keep that in mind as you begin new projects. Make sure that you and all parties involve are clear and understand all aspects of what is needed!

Obviously we can’t put our lives on hold when Mercury turns retrograde, and not every project encounters difficulties. But there IS a tendency for contracts to require renegotiation when signed during Mercury Rx periods, and for travel plans to be disrupted when the commitments are made while Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury retrograde periods are terrific times for RE-search, to RE-vise your website or business plans, to RE-connect with old friends. Retrogradation turns our attention to the past and give us another chance to get things right.

We can’t put our lives on hold with Mercury’s change of direction, but preparation will help to defray our frustration when our telephone systems break down and travel plans go awry! “It’s just Mercury Retrograde,” we’ll say and smile knowingly.

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